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16.5M+ students have used GradLeaders, including 250,000+ MBA Students.

Employers gain access to 1.5M+ current job seeking students through GradLeaders Recruiting every year.




1,000+ offices use GradLeaders Career Center from 650+ colleges and universities and 100+ graduate business schools.

98% retention rate for school partners every year.



600,000+ recruiters at 100,000+ companies have used recruiting technology powered by GradLeaders.

Including all 100 of the world’s top 100 employers.



12M+ jobs have been posted through GradLeaders technology plus another 25,000+ jobs distributed by our strategic partners.

30% increase in job opportunities at partner schools.


GradLeaders Research has collected outcomes data on 235,000+ students. 

150+ schools use The Outcomes Survey® every year.



65+ team members working as an extension of your office.

20+ years of industry experience.




We power student and employer connections through best-in-class career service software and recruitment management technology. We partner with more than 1,000 career centers at the world’s top universities, business schools and professional associations that use the GradLeaders Career Center platform as their competitive advantage to maximize their students’ visibility to leading employers, streamline the recruitment process, increase student engagement, track and improve results, and improve overall office productivity.



More than 2,000 companies, including all 100 of the top employers, rely on GradLeaders to hit their hiring goals each year by proactively searching our vetted database of 100,000+ current students registered at 1,000 career centers of the world’s top universities, b-schools & MBA programs and advertising job openings to targeted groups of high-quality candidates.




GradLeaders is the #1 provider of research solutions that helps you track, prove and defend the value and ROI of the education you provide.  More than 150 schools in 38 states have already adopted The Outcomes Survey® to monitor and track career outcomes data on their new graduates and alumni.





What is GradLeaders?

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You are entitled to state that your office, school, company or organization is integrated with or utilizing GradLeaders and use names like "CareerNet by GradLeaders" or "...powered by GradLeaders." 


We like to be referred to as:



Our platforms and product lines are called things like "GradLeaders Career Center" and "GradLeaders Recruiting." You can call us by those names too, if you like. 



These are our logos that are available for use. To download logos, right click on the image and select "Save Image."

Download .ZIP collections of our logos, including stacked and reversed versions using these links:

For more detail about our logos and their usage, download our brand guidelines.









The GradLeaders brand is blue and gray, with secondary colors for contrast.


Primary Colors


Secondary Colors


We use Gotham as our logo typeface and in our marketing materials. It's crisp, clear, easy to read and looks great big and small. 

Our primary typeface is Open Sans. It's clean and uncomplicated. We use it everywhere.




 Please contact us with questions or requests related to GradLeaders branding or media use.

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