Supporting the Future of Student Employment Through Strategic Alliances




We love companies that share our passion for connecting students to their dream job! To accelerate our efficiency in making this goal a reality, we work with application, technology, content providers and other industry leaders. Collaboratively, we've built an ecosystem offering exclusive functionalities, integrations, and resources to bring additional value to our mutual customers and end users.






Career Network Co-Registration Partners

Advertise your career related services to students at our partner schools. Students can opt-in to receive more information after registering with the career center. If student opts in, YOU receive the student’s contact information and other job-seeker profile data via our API.




MultiPost Job Feed Partners

Display full job postings via our XML feed on our partner schools’ career center platform right alongside jobs posted directly to that school by other global and local employers. Students can search full job details and apply via email or website.




External Partner Job Feed Integrations

Advertise your customers open jobs, job descriptions, company names and locations on our school partners’ career center platforms via our API and drive additional traffic to the job postings in your network.


In addition to these partnerships, we work with a variety of other technology vendors and content providers to help connect more students to right-fit employers. Other types of strategic partnerships include GradLeaders Recruiting Job Feed Integrations, CRM Integrations, ATS Integrations, Joint Marketing Partnerships, Reseller Partnerships and Content Sharing Partnerships.



Our Strategic Partners


Simplified Career Discovery for Students and Career Centers


Campus Recruitment Marketing Solutions for Employers


A.I.-Powered Personalization to Automatically Deliver Your Career Content


Expert Resume Reviews and CV Scanning Technology



Integrated Business Intelligence Software and Advanced Data Exploration Tools for Career Centers



Create, Edit, Export and Convert Resumes/CVs in Various Formats


Integrate Our GradLeaders Recruiting Database and Sourcing Tools to Identify, Attract, Hire, Develop and Retain Talented Student Hires


Automated MultiPost Job Posting Integrations to Reach Students at Our Partner Schools



Data-Driven Insight into the Job Market for Campus Recruiters, Students and Schools


Automated MultiPost Job Posting Integrations to Reach Students at Our Partner Schools 

On-Demand Videos to Help Students Watch, Learn and Land the Job


Integrate Administration of the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory Assessment Tools Directly into Your CSO Systems




Utilize Simple 60-second Job Report Videos and 3-minute Company Profile Videos within Your Job Postings and Company Descriptions


Help Students Expedite Their Job Search with Extensive Location-Specific Employment Resources


Stay Organized by Integrating Your Google Calendars and Automatically Syncing Appointments and Events


Easy-to-Use Online Video Interviewing Solutions for Students and Employers



Integrate Our GradLeaders Recruiting Database with Their Talent Management Solutions, Built for the Era of A.I.


Student Profile Integration Makes It Easy for Career Centers to Quickly Review Resumes alongside LinkedIn Profiles

Providing Career Centers with Advanced Tracking & Analytics for Optimized Email Delivery


Stay Organized by Integrating Your Office365 or Outlook Calendars and Automatically Syncing Appointments and Events



External Job Feed Integration Allows Students to Search for Jobs Right Within Their Career Center Platform


Integrated Talent Intelligence to Unleash your Recruiting Potential


MultiPost Job Feed Integrations Provide Niche Jobs Specifically for Finance Professionals



Help students assess their skills, interests, and strengths and pair them with industry insiders and experienced professionals in their desired career path


Socially Conscious Advertising & Marketing with Experience Helping Employers Recruit On-Campus

Programmatic Recruitment Advertising to Reach Right-Fit Students at Our Partner Schools


Integrated Advanced CRM Solutions for Career Centers

MultiPost Job Feed Integrations Allow Recruiters to Reach Students at Our Partner Schools


Integrations Helping Career Centers Conduct Secure External Surveys


External Survey Integrations for Career Centers and Co-Op Programs


MultiPost Job Feed Integrations to Expand Your Reach to Students at Our Partner Schools 


Help students interested in careers in tech connect with industry experts and mentors who will help them learn the web development and data science skills they need to land their dream job


Automated Job Feed Integrations Make It Easy for Mutual Customers to Advertise Opportunities on Campus


Dynamic Career Services + Admissions Marketing Platform

Jobs & Internships for College Students and Recent Grads Available Right Within GradLeaders Career Center Platform


Provide Students with Access to Additional Jobs  with External Job Feed Integrations 



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