10 Tips for Virtual Career Coaching

Virtual Career Coaching and Advising

If you’re a career development professional working remotely or have students living off-campus, it’s still easy to stay connected and provide services with the aid of technology and a little creativity. Just utilize the tools you already have available to you.

  1. HOST ONLINE WORKSHOPS: Create and promote online workshops using virtual meeting tools just like you would a career service workshop hosted on campus.
  2. HOST VIRTUAL ADVISING APPOINTMENTS: Utilize existing advising appointment scheduling tools to manage availability, signups, and virtual meetings between advisors and students.
  3. UPDATE ONLINE ADVISOR BIOS: Add virtual meeting and social networking tools to your advisors’ online bios.
  4. HOST VIRTUAL MOCK INTERVIEWS: Manage sign-ups for virtual mock interview sessions and simplify the distribution of virtual login information.
  5. CONNECT STUDENTS WITH MENTORS: Give students the ability to find and virtually connect with peers, upperclassmen, or alumni to discuss career paths and job search advice.
  6. UTILIZE OFFER COMPARISON TOOLS: Use your historical offer data to give students benchmarking tools to compare their compensation packages to similar roles from similar companies.
  7. UTILIZE ONLINE RESUME BUILDERS: Give students tools to virtually create resumes/CVs from scratch using web resume templates.
  8. GIVE STUDENTS VIRTUAL TO-DO LISTS: Continue to guide job-seeking students and alumni with virtual task management tools. Give students daily or weekly tasks to complete that walk them through the entire career development process.
  9. GAMIFY CAREER SERVICES: Utilize technology to gamify the career services process and increase engagement with students.
  10. PROMOTE OTHER VIRTUAL RESOURCES: Utilize online libraries and file sharing tools to promote other on-demand resources to students and job-seeking alumni in one easily-accessible location.

Download the full guide including more tips for virtual advising, virtual communication, virtual events, virtual team collaboration, virtual outcomes data collections, and virtual career services analysis. Already a GradLeaders partner school? The guide includes PRO TIPS for ways to simplify virtual career services using our platform.


Ryan Pratt

14 Years of Campus Recruitment, Experiential Learning and Career Services Industry Experience

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