7 Tips for Virtual Employment Branding

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As you begin to narrow your search to students who might be good fits for your company, there are multiple ways to push them through the virtual recruitment funnel and get them interested in future careers with your organization.

No matter how you market to candidates, always include a call-to-action (CTA) for the candidate to “do something” – apply to jobs, sign up for virtual meetings, register for a webinar, receive a personalized resume review, or join an alumni mentoring session.

  1. MASS EMAIL MARKETING:  Numerous surveys show that email remains the most preferred method of contact for recruiter-candidate communication.
  2. CREATE ONLINE COMPANY PROFILES:  Utilize online talent networks to promote your company. Create a robust company profile to put your best foot forward as candidates virtually research future employers.
  3. HOST VIRTUAL MEETINGS & INFO SESSIONS:  You don’t have to be on campus to share information about your company, connect candidates with leaders and potential colleagues, or host Q&A sessions. Use virtual meeting tools to host online group sessions.
  4. PROMOTE TEAM CULTURE:  No matter how you virtually connect with candidates, be sure to include snippets about what it’s like to work at your company and share employee testimonials (ideally alumni from their school).
  5. SHARE DAY-IN-THE-LIFE-OF VIDEOS:  If candidates can’t tour your corporate location, provide them brief videos of your office, store, warehouse, lab, etc. to virtually highlight the facilities. Remember to focus on perks like food courts, gyms, in-house clinics, on-site daycare, etc. along with their likely departmental space.  
  6. OFFER CAREER ADVICE:  Students crave career advice from employers in a variety of formats including; Virtual webinars, On-demand content, Direct marketing. Especially from one of their target companies or  industries.
  7. ANALYZE RESULTS:  Always analyze your recruitment and marketing activity to see what’s working (and what’s not) then adjust accordingly. 

Download the full guide including other tips for virtual employment branding, virtual sourcing, virtual communication, virtual team collaboration, and virtual pipeline analysis. Already have access to the GradLeaders Recruiting platform? The guide also includes PRO TIPS for ways to simplify virtual recruiting using our platform. 


Ryan Pratt

14 Years of Campus Recruitment, Experiential Learning and Career Services Industry Experience

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