8 Simple Recruiting Tips for Virtual Candidate Sourcing

Virtual Candidate Sourcing

Finding candidates from your core and non-core schools without being on campus is simple with the right virtual recruitment tools. Plus, virtual tools enable you to seamlessly expand your pipeline with access to professional associations and non-traditional talent pools. You can even reach hard-to-find experienced-hire talent by getting immediate access to job-seeking alumni.

  1. ACCESS ONLINE DATABASES: Surpass traditional job postings and tedious application review processes by proactively leveraging online resume/CV databases of current job-seeking candidates. 
  2. SEARCH ONLINE PROFILES & RESUMES: Utilize advanced search filters to narrow the database by target school, current location, and desired skills/experience. Then expand your talent pipeline and search across the entire network to find candidates you might have otherwise missed.
  3. SEARCH BY CANDIDATE PREFERENCES: Go beyond school, location, and skills by searching for candidates already interested in working for your company, your current job openings; and your geographical area.
  4. UTILIZE CLUBS TO FIND DIVERSE TALENT: Search student clubs to target and connect with diverse populations.
  5. SAVE SEARCHES & RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS: Save searches to create an agent and receive email notifications of new matching candidates.
  6. SORT SHORTLISTS BY BEST-FIT MATCHES: Utilize optional search criteria to bring the top-tier candidates to the top of your search results. 
  7. FIND CANDIDATES STILL SEEKING: Filter matching candidates from your search results to only see those “still seeking” or “available” to be contacted for a new full-time job or internship. 
  8. ATTRACT ADDITIONAL CANDIDATES: Post jobs to advertise openings to additional candidates and build a list of students interested in careers with your company.

Download the full guide including other tips for virtual employment branding, virtual communication, virtual team collaboration, and virtual pipeline analysis. Already have access to the GradLeaders Recruiting platform? The guide includes PRO TIPS for ways to simplify virtual recruiting using our platform. 


Ryan Pratt

Marketing and Business Development

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