Coronavirus COVID-19 Message from GradLeaders CEO and COO


For as long as we’ve been in business, GradLeaders and its predecessor companies have striven to prioritize our customers above all else. This enduring value continues to guide us as we face the challenges of responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Our hearts go out to those who have been personally affected by this unprecedented event, and we greatly appreciate the healthcare workers and government officials who are working tirelessly on the front lines to contain the pandemic.

A few days ago, in announcing a revised work from home policy to the GradLeaders team, we wrote:

"In these challenging and uncertain times, we need to prioritize both our own, and our families’, health and well-being in addition to being as available as possible to our customers to help them navigate through these uncharted waters."

Sensitive to the personal and professional challenges you are facing, we have limited our communication thus far during this crisis to pointing out tools within our product suite that can help career centers and employers operate virtually.  This message is meant simply to convey that we are here if and when you need us. We welcome the opportunity to share with you perspectives, best practices and creative ideas -- regardless of whether they relate to our systems -- stemming from the decades of industry experience our team possesses as you try to figure out alternative ways to operate.

Whether in the office or from a spare bedroom, we will continue to provide white glove service to all our constituencies.  If you or your teams need anything extra from us, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

We appreciate our partnership with you and look forward to the days when this challenge is behind us.


Mark and Rich

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