Find diverse leadership via student clubs and professional associations


Do you wish you were getting more out of your diversity conference investment? Having trouble finding diversity talent that matches your unique hiring criteria?

Not only is diversity hiring encouraged by law, it’s also embraced by the thousands of successful companies that hire diversely. Diversity hiring is just as important to your bottom line as it is to your corporate culture. Here are three tips that can help in your search for top talent:

1. African-American and Hispanic leadership candidates have long been a reliable and desirable resource for top-level management positions. Clubs such as the African-American Business Association and the Hispanic Business Association and professional organizations like MLT are established and proven sources of excellent candidates.

2. The amount of women pursuing MBA degrees has risen dramatically over the past decade. Searching for talent in clubs like the Women in Business Association and professional organizations such as the Forté Foundation help you tap into this increasingly important candidate pool.

3. Another growing diversity group is the LGBT community. Members of this group bring a vital and unique perspective to business leadership and can be found in student groups like the Gay and Lesbian Business Association and professional associations such as Reaching Out MBA.

But finding the “right” diversity candidates can still be difficult. Fortunately we have made the process easy with our diversity club and professional association capabilities. At MBA Focus, 6.9% of the candidates in our database are affiliated with diversity clubs, and 12.3% are affiliated with professional diversity associations. And the Global Focus recruitment platform offers integrated tools that are proven to help you source and hire the specific diversity talent you need.




Todd Erdy

Todd Erdy is the Vice President, Customer Success - Corporate at GradLeaders. Todd is responsible for formulating strategies for the sales team, developing key strategic relationships and driving revenue growth. Todd earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Ohio University.

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