Finding the "right" leadership talent starts with a vetted pool of candidates

Having trouble filling jobs due to lack of skilled talent that matches your specific hiring needs?According to ManpowerGroup’s 2013 Talent Shortage Survey, U.S employers have reported for the fourth consecutive year that skilled trades positions are the most difficult to fill. Finding the “right” talent can be a time consuming and rigorous process.  

Hiring for key positions can become complicated when recruiting inexperienced prospects from unscreened candidate pools. But you can improve overall quality of hire and eliminate the resources wasted on unfit candidates by screening talent by your specific hiring criteria. Employers who start with a vetted pool of talent immediately improve their recruitment outcomes.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, experts estimate it costs upwards of twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement. And according to a CareerBuilder study, 27% of U.S. employers reported that a single bad hire cost more than $50,000.”  

Our comprehensive database of top business leadership talent is proven to save companies time and money because our exclusive database of MBA students and alumni is vetted by each business school’s admissions and career service office. It’s a prescreened pool of talent! Don’t let your organization feel the effect of a skilled talent shortage.Proactively source your next generation of business leaders with Global Focus today:  

  1. Start with the vetted pool of candidates in Global Focus.
  2. Filter by specific hiring needs.
  3. Hire highly-qualified business leaders.

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Todd Erdy

Todd Erdy is the Vice President, Customer Success - Corporate at GradLeaders. Todd is responsible for formulating strategies for the sales team, developing key strategic relationships and driving revenue growth. Todd earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Ohio University.

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