GradLeaders Recruiting Dashboard Offers All-New Business Intelligence & Data Exploration Tools

The new GradLeaders Recruiting dashboard is available and more insightful than ever with new business intelligence and data exploration tools to improve the student recruitment process.

Now, recruiting teams can quickly access real-time candidate sourcing results, job posting engagement, recruitment activity, on-campus recruiting activity, student demographics and more via new widgets available right from the GradLeaders Recruiting dashboard.

The first section of the new dashboard displays Pipeline Activity metrics including:

  • Candidate Sourcing Activity charting the number of student resumes viewed by a recruitment team, resumes printed, emails sent to candidates, and candidates exported over the past year.
  • Total Searches performed and resulting Matching Candidates from those searches.
  • GradLeaders Schools recruitment teams currently recruit at on-campus.
  • On-Campus Student Activity including the number of interviews, events, and student sign-ups as well as a chart displaying applicants vs. interviews.
  • Job Posting Activity including the total number of jobs posted via MultiPost vs directly to GradLeaders Career Center systems, charting the number of jobs posted, views by candidates, and applicants for each job over the past year.

Another key component is the visualization of data pertaining to undergraduate and MBA student demographics.

Undergraduate Student Demographics includes:

  • A detailed breakdown of the number of students graduating within 100 days, broken down to the top 10 majors (i.e. Business/Management, Engineering, Healthcare, etc.).
  • A pie chart visualization showing the number of students in the database today, broken down to top 10 industry preferences (i.e. Consulting, Financial, Advertising, etc.).
  • An interactive heat map visualization depicting the current number of students in the database today based on school location in the U.S.

MBA Student Demographics includes:

  • A detailed breakdown of the number of students in the database today broken down to top 10 graduate school programs (i.e. Full-Time MBA, Masters of Finance, Masters of Business Analytics, etc.).
  • A bar graph visualization comparing the number of graduating MBA students vs. MBA interns in the database today.
  • A pie chart visualization showing the top 10 Industry preferences of students in the database today.
  • A detailed breakdown of students’ top 10 geographic preferences.
  • A chart showing the top 10 MBA work authorization locations.


Lastly, users have the ability to see even more details pertaining to some charts and data points using drills.

For more information on the GradLeaders Recruiting platform and the new insights it provides, contact us today.



Catie Ewen

Catie Ewen joined the GradLeaders team to create strategic, industry-related marketing and sales materials. Primarily responsible for content and digital marketing efforts, Catie helps GradLeaders build and maintain its brand, while promoting its exclusive network, recruitment technology, and career management tools. Catie graduated from Miami University in 2014, with dual degrees in both Journalism and Mass Communications.

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