Increasing opportunities for students by maximizing visibility to employers


Have you maximized the visibility of your students to employers? National recruiting events, meet & greets, coffee hours and OCR events are all great ways to introduce students to employers, but they don’t extend your reach to the hiring majority. With a limitless reach and round-the-clock access, the internet is still the most efficient way to connect your MBAs with companies around the world.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, a survey of 935 corporate recruiters in 50 countries found that 75 percent of companies are planning on hiring MBAs. Up from 71 percent in 2012, this increase represents a growing demand for MBAs. Yet nearly half of all business schools surveyed reported that on-campus hiring activity was unchanged or decreased.

Promoting your students begins by simply making their resumes, career profiles, and contact information easily accessible to employers via your online resume databases. MBA Focus recently surveyed 534 corporate recruiters on their digital MBA recruitment practices. According to recruiter responses, over 75% of their resume-reviewing activity occurs on a computer or a mobile device, while less than 25% of recruiters still collect and review resumes with pen and paper.

MBA students are choice job candidates, and by assuring that their resumes are readily available on your career services website, you have already begun to facilitate the hiring process. Recruiters are often bombarded by hundreds of applications, resumes, and cluttered job boards, so it is crucial for your MBAs to stand out as the cream of the crop. First and foremost, your career services website should include a portal specifically for recruiters. Instead of burying it 6 or 7 clicks deep, or “below the scroll”, encourage them to view your MBA resume books by prominently displaying access to the database. Additionally, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social networking, and recruiter guides can drive traffic to your students’ resume books. Be sure to include your link in every channel. For more strategies on connecting your MBAs to employers, check out our Outreach Guide!



Dave Hoy

Dave, Business Intelligence Specialist, is a co-founder and minority shareholder of GradLeaders. Dave has been immersed in the MBA recruiting business since 1990, and helped pioneer the first MBA resume database products that were distributed to recruiters. Dave graduated magna cum laude from Franklin University with a major in computer management.

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