Infographic: The diversity & specialized MBA recruitment initiatives of the world's top employers

Diversity MBA Recruitment

GradLeaders recently surveyed employers across various industries and functions regarding their diversity and specialized talent acquisition practices. The results not only highlighted which populations were a focus of current recruitment initiatives and how hiring these candidates could benefit an organization, but also the offered insight into effective strategies for connecting with these candidates.

Here are a few highlights from the results of the survey:

  • The top 3 current diversity & specialized recruitment initiatives of employers are: Women (38%), Hispanic/Latino (34%), and People with Disabilities (34%) Tweet This!
  • 63% of employers surveyed believe that recruiting diversity/specialized candidates benefit an organization by bringing new attitudes & ideas to the company. Tweet This!
  • 34% of employers stated that diversity & specialized recruitment is trending up at their company. Tweet This!
  • The #1 challenge with recruiting diversity & specialized candidates is generating interest in their industry (27%). Tweet This!
  • The top 3 strategies for recruiting diversity & specialized candidates are: Employee referrals (58%), Connecting with student clubs (32%), and Job fairs / National events (31%). Tweet This!
  • 72% of employers reported that job postings are one of the most effective tools for recruiting diversity. Tweet This!
  • The most effective message for diversity & specialized recruiting = “An Inclusive Environment” (43%) Tweet This!
  • 22% of employers spend over $50,000 per year on diversity & specialized recruiting. Tweet This!

The infographic below, “Diversity MBA Recruitment,” offers a visual summary of current employers' perspectives on their diversity and specialized talent recruiting practices as they source business leadership talent from graduate business schools and professional associations:

Click here to enlarge.

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Ryan Pratt

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