Introducing the All-New GradLeaders Career Center

GradLeaders is excited to officially announce the next evolution of our career service platform! The new GradLeaders Career Center platform is the next iteration of GTS career service software platform that will be launching in the Summer of 2016. It will not only expand on the same stable platform used by GTS schools for years, but also includes dozens of new features and an all-new, responsively designed, mobile-ready web application for students.

All of our legacy GTS school partners will be upgraded to this new system for the 2016-17 academic year and recruiting season.  Our CSO System customers will also start upgrading this summer, but some may remain on the legacy CSO Research platform for another 2+ years. 


GradLeaders Career Center includes all of the the best features from both legacy platforms: GTS and the CSO System. As part of our Gap Analysis Project, we discovered that 80% of the functionality between GTS and the CSO System is consistent. We now have a detailed 2016 product roadmap to implement the remaining 20% of features, including:

  • Expanded OCR Request Functionality, including attached jobs
  • Career Event Credit Card Processing, Invoicing & Cash Collection
  • School-facing Import Utilities
  • Additional Single Sign-On Integrations
  • Enhanced Functionality for Automated Student Check-In
  • Mail Merge and Email Campaign Management

The new features will be made available to our GTS partners as they are released. 

CSO System customers upgrading to the the GradLeaders Career Center platform will also have new features that previously existed in GTS made immediately available to them, including:

  • Career Tracker: Provide students with a career tracker that helps manage every aspect of their job search, from tracking personal networking efforts to handling daily to-do lists.
  • Student Scorecard: Allow administrators and/or students to view student scorecards - a summary of individual student system activity broken into key categories (# of logins, # of job applications, # of advising appointments, and more). Opt to "game-ify the student experience by defining goals and displaying the scorecard to your students. Summary reports allow administrators to export data and identify top performing students and students that may need assistance.
  • Offer Comparison Tool: Schools using Employment Reporting can provide administrators and/or students with a helpful tool to research expected compensation based on a variety of parameters including job function, industry, job location and more.
  • GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion and MultiPost Job Network Integration: Enhance and extend your employer outreach efforts with a recruiter connection feature that greatly expands the number of opportunities available to your students.
  • Custom Resume Books: Provide employers with access to custom resume books via dynamic links - an enhanced alternative to static PDF resume packet referrals.
  • Mock Interviews: Set up, schedule and conduct mock (practice) interviews for your students.
  • Communication Preference Settings: Allow students to identify areas of interest about which they wish to be notified. Students can opt to be notified via email, on the system dashboard, and/or by text message.
  • Salesforce Integration: Provide direct integration using Salesforce’s built-in APIs.
  • Open APIs: Provide convenient integration with other campus systems for students, employers, employer contacts, calendars, jobs and more.
  • Calendar Integration: A new version of the calendar integration utility allows users to integrate with their Google, Outlook, and/or Exchange calendars. 

For more information about the GradLeaders Career Center platform visit:

Interested in upgrading? Contact us today!




Heather Krumpak

Heather, Vice President, Customer Success – Higher Education, is a co-founder and minority shareholder of GradLeaders. She is responsible for all school partnerships and oversees the delivery of services to each of these school partners. Heather is also responsible for the company's continuing development of the alumni services division. Heather is a graduate of Ohio University with a major in communications.

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