Jobs of the Future: Which Jobs will be in Demand in the Next Few Years

Future of Work

The U.S. economy and overall job market were majorly affected during the Coronavirus pandemic. Unemployment rates were at an all-time high as people lost their jobs and their future became unclear. As people shift their job trajectory or attempt to start a new career path, they should focus their attention on the jobs that are continuously growing. According to the United States Department of Labor, here is a list of jobs that are projected to be in high demand within the next few years.  

Medical and Health Services Manager  

A medical and health services manager oversees and manages a healthcare facility such as a hospital or medical practice. They plan, organize and create department priorities as well as manage clinical teams. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree in health administration, nursing or a related field. Medical and health services managers also typically earn a master’s degree in a related field.   

Average Salary: $100,980  

Projected Growth: 18% 

Financial Manager   

A financial manager controls the overall finances for an organization. They create strategies and plans for long term financial goals and create financial records. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or business. Many financial managers earn a master’s degree in a related field and have multiple years of experience.  

Average Salary: $129,890  

Projected Growth: 16% 

Management Analyst  

A management analyst is a consultant who works with an organization to improve their operational efficiency. They evaluate the overall workflow, interview employees, and design procedures. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree in a business field, but some companies prefer a master’s degree.   

Average Salary: $85,260  

Projected Growth: 14% 

Registered Nurse  

A registered nurse usually works in a hospital setting where they typically specialize in one area of care such as labor and delivery, family practice, or emergency. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Once they graduate, they must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse.   

Average Salary: $73,300  

Projected Growth: 12% 

Market Research Analyst  

Market research analyst research, gather data, and study market conditions to determine potential sales and help a company market their products and services. They gather data on consumers and competitors by using market analysis surveys and questionnaires. This profession typically requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing, marketing research, or economics.   

Average Salary: $63,800  

Projected Growth: 20% 

Software Developers  

Software developers create software programs that allow users to perform specific tasks on computers. They monitor the quality performance of applications and create upgrades. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering.   

Average Salary: $103,000  

Projected Growth: 26% 

Computer User Support Specialist  

A computer user support specialist helps users who have issues with computers and software. They typically provide support over the phone or through email by running diagnostics, investigating, and training users on the software. The education requirements vary for this profession. Some require a bachelor’s degree while others only require computer related classes and training.   

Average Salary: $52,270  

Projected Growth: 11% 

Home Health Aide  

Home health aides typically provide health related services such as checking blood pressure or temperature and changing bandages. Their clients are typically older adults with chronic illness or impairment. This profession usually requires certification.  

Average Salary: $24,000  

Projected Growth: 37%  

Personal Care Aide  

Personal care aides are also called caregivers for providing at home care to individuals with disabilities. Their duties include assisting clients with their daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, housekeeping, etc. This profession typically requires training.   

Average Salary: $24,000  

Projected Growth: 36%  

Medical Assistant  

A medical assistant is a health professional who supports physicians in medical offices and clinics. They schedule appointments, maintain patient records and bill insurance. This profession has a minimum education requirement of a high school diploma, but some states require training or certification.  

Average Salary: $34,000  

Projected Growth: 23%  


Emily Mowry

GradLeaders Class of 2020-21 Intern studying Journalism and Marketing at Ohio University

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