Data Visualization Tool Tips and Tricks from our Business Intelligence Specialist - April 2018

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of our Looker Ad-Hoc Reporting data visualization tools from Dave Hoy, our Business Intelligence Specialist.


Sample Academic Year Report:



Looker Updates/Tips:

  1. If you are exporting data from Looker to Excel, you can obviously choose the Excel format, or you could choose CSV format.  We have learned that if you export to the Excel format, and one of your columns is a date/time field, Excel does not allow you to re-format it.  A strange flaw in Excel, I guess.  In any event, if you export form Looker in CSV format, that issue does not occur, and Excel allows you to re-format the date/time columns as you so desire.
  2. Expanded capabilities for Custom Field mappings.  We covered the concept in the February webinar.  The Data entities that no allow your custom field mappings has now been expanded to include:  Candidates, Companies, Recruiters, Jobs, Job Offers, Employment Follow-up surveys, Co-Ops, and Notes. For questions, or to request custom field(s) for this special mapping, simply specify your needs via a support ticket to
  3. Several of you have been trying to format your charts better, especially as it pertains to dates.  Looker shows your monthly activity with the months formatted as “2018-01”.  The Looker Help page holds all the answers.  For example, in the sample screen shown above, I was able to change the format to simply show the full month name by using the %B option in the Time Label Format field as shown.
  4. New fields have been added to the Recruiter Master view to more easily show you a contacts most recent activity for Job Postings and On-Campus events / interviews.


Dave Hoy

Dave, Business Intelligence Specialist, is a co-founder and minority shareholder of GradLeaders. Dave has been immersed in the MBA recruiting business since 1990, and helped pioneer the first MBA resume database products that were distributed to recruiters. Dave graduated magna cum laude from Franklin University with a major in computer management.

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