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2013 MBA Student and Alumni Analytics Report

Wondering what MBAs from the world's top graduate business schools are interested in doing for a career post-graduation? Or what experiences these students had before arriving on campus? As the exclusive career services technology partner to 70+ leading graduate business schools, MBA Focus is able to deliver the most comprehensive profile of job-seeking MBA students and alumni available.

The 2013 Candidate Analytics Report contains summary and detail information on more than 80,000 MBAs—including more than 16,000 graduating students, 10,000 first-year students, and 55,000 alumni.

This year's report offers an in-depth look at the career profile demographic data for the current population of job-seeking candidates, including:

  • Job Function Experiences
  • Job Function Preferences
  • Industry Experiences
  • Industry Preferences
  • Geographic Preferences
  • Work Authorization
  • Club Affiliations
  • Language Abilities
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • ... and more!

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Please take some time to request a copy of this report. We are certain that you will find the analytical information useful as you plan your upcoming MBA recruiting and career service initiatives.

Tweetable facts from this year's Candidate Analytics Report:

  • MBAs are more interested in Management (55%), Marketing (51%), and Consulting (50%) than Finance (48%). Tweet this!
  • MBA career changers come from #Engineering and #Technology function experiences. Tweet this!
  • MBAs do not prefer careers in Engineering (4%) despite functional experiences (22%) #careerchangers. Tweet this!
  • 50.7% of MBA2s and 49.1% of MBA1s prefer a career in #Consulting. Tweet this!
  • Each new MBA class has more Not-for-profit experience (16.6% in 2012, 17.2% in 2013 and 18.9% in 2014). Tweet this!
  • B-schools saw a 5% increase in MBA students with Finance experience during the 2011-12 academic year. Tweet this!
  • Consulting (49%), Finance (46%), CPG (30%) and Tech (29%) are the top industry prefs of graduating MBAs. Tweet this!
  • For the first time Consulting (49.4%) is a more popular MBA job industry preference than Finance (46.2%). Tweet this!
  • The top 3 function preferences of MBA2s = Biz Dev 32%, Strategic Planning 27%, Brand/Product Mgmt 23%. Tweet this!
  • MBA2s' top 3 industry preferences = Consulting Strategy 27%, Private Equity 21%, Venture Capital 19%. Tweet this!
  • Where do MBAs want to work in United State? NYC, SF Bay, LA, Boston, and Chicago. Tweet this!
  • Where do MBAs want to work outside the US? UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. Tweet this!
  • 9% of MBAs at top b-schools are authorized to work in India. 8% in the European Union. And 6% in China. Tweet this!
  • The #1 industry experience for the MBA class of 2014 is #Nonprofits & Social Enterprises (12.2%). Tweet this!
  • 10.6% of this year's graduating class of MBA2s has experience in #Sales. Tweet this!
  • 10% of this year's graduating class of MBA2s has experience in #Entrepreneurship. Tweet this!
  • 27% of MBAs speak Spanish. 16% speak French. 13% speak Mandarin. 11% speak Hindi. And 6% speak German. Tweet this!
  • 6.5% of MBAs have experience in Retail. Tweet this!
  • MBA students from the world's top-ranked b-schools make $100k-$150k on average (14.3% of alumni). Tweet this!
  • Only 8.1% of actively- or passively-seeking MBA alumni are NOT willing to relocate. Tweet this!
  • The MBA Focus network has grown to now include 83,033 MBA students & alumni from the world's top b-schools. Tweet this!

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Dave Hoy

Dave, Business Intelligence Specialist, is a co-founder and minority shareholder of GradLeaders. Dave has been immersed in the MBA recruiting business since 1990, and helped pioneer the first MBA resume database products that were distributed to recruiters. Dave graduated magna cum laude from Franklin University with a major in computer management.

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