New Global Focus features coming August 1st


MBA Focus recruiting and career services


We are excited to announce our new Global Focus 2.3 features and enhancements for the coming academic year:

  • Candidate Snapshot - View candidate detail information on a single page
  • Expanded Alumni Data - Search expanded employment information
  • MultiPost Usage Widget - Manage and view jobs by recruitment area
  • Employer Usage Widget - Monitor your team’s use of Global Focus to inform decisions
  • Split Search - Search students and alumni separately
  • Email Management - Manage and track your marketing email efforts
  • Email Templates - Produce more professional email communications
  • School Release Notifications - Receive emails regarding resume availability
  • Knowledgebase Support - Get the most out of Global Focus
  • OCR Integration - Manage school logins and events with direct and convenient access
  • Virtual Interviewing - Conduct live interviews, powered by InterviewStream®

Global Focus® is the only recruiting management platform that gives you access to the world’s best MBA talent. Global Focus provides an extensive pipeline of high potential and high performing global talent via our exclusive partnerships with 24 of the world’s 25 top-ranked MBA programs and a total of 60+ graduate business schools.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us at:



Darrell Dewese

Darrell, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of GradLeaders, began his career in the career services and recruiting industry in 1999 as an applications developer at Resume-Link, and now has total oversight of all aspects related to product development provided by GradLeaders.

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