New GradLeaders Recruiting Platform for 2016-2017 Season Launches July 27th

GradLeaders Recruiting

The GradLeaders Recruiting platform for the 2016-2017 recruiting season will be available for current GradLeaders Recruiting users starting July 27th!  This new platform will include the most up-to-date student profile data with experiences from their 2016 summer internships as well as release dates for the class of 2017 and class of 2018 MBA resume databases for each of our partner schools. 

As a reminder, the Global Focus MBA recruitment platform has been officially rebranded as GradLeaders Recruiting and will be labelled as such in the “My Products” menu when you log in at Returning GradLeaders users no longer need to be re-invited. 2015-16 users can sign-in to their 2016-17 subscription with their existing credentials. If you have logged into the system recently, you’ve already seen the rebranded platform and probably found a few new additional features — but there’s a lot more coming soon, including:

  • JobMatch for Undergrad - Our proprietary JobMatch algorithms will allow you to quickly find and connect with undergrad students whose profiles match your job postings.
  • Resume Required Search Results - Ensure that every student in your advanced find search results have a resume on file and reduce the amount of time spent reviewing potential candidates.
  • New Undergrad Student Major and Club Lists - Enjoy improved student search, filtering and reporting capabilities based on the new lists of undergraduate majors and club affiliations that students can now select from during the student registration process. These comprehensive lists follow a national standard which ensures students provide standardized and valid data.
  • New Recruiter Activity Reports for Undergrads  - Broaden your reporting capabilities with robust activity reports that enhance your undergraduate sourcing efforts. Report sets include Recruiter Search Activity, Usage Statistics, and Candidate Analytics.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for additional information.


Todd Erdy

Todd Erdy is the Vice President, Customer Success - Corporate at GradLeaders. Todd is responsible for formulating strategies for the sales team, developing key strategic relationships and driving revenue growth. Todd earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Ohio University.

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