Our New Mobile-Ready Career Center Platform for Job-Seeking Students

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We’re excited to announce that our Interaction Design (IxD) project is complete and has been officially released to our GradLeaders Career Center school partners! This extensive redesign of the student portal is focused on creating engaging, thoughtful and logical interfaces, based on our comprehensive review of more than 400 million clicks and job-seeker activity over the past decade. Now, GradLeaders Career Center partner schools can give students access to a mobile version of their complete career services offering, anywhere, anytime. This fully responsive system automatically resizes for use on any mobile phone, tablet or desktop so students can quickly and easily find what matters to them when exploring careers.

Apart from being mobile-friendly, check out these other innovative new features and system enhancements to keep  students engaged in their job search:

New Menu -  The menu has been moved to the left side of the screen for a more mobile-optimized student experience, and now includes a “hamburger” button displayed at the top of the screen to promote simple navigation. Students will have quick access to their profile, company job postings, advising help, visual metrics of progress, communication preferences and everything else they need, right at their fingertips.


Dashboard – Our completely redesigned dashboard is a culmination of an 18+ month project that started with evaluation of where students were frequently clicking. This informed the placement of the main widgets on the dashboard to make it easy for students to find what they’re looking for.


New Job Listings -  We know that 37% of students log in and just visit the Job Search Page, so we moved this widget to the top of dashboard, making it easy for them to see the newest jobs posted to your career center.


Job Search Page – This page features a social media-like feed to show students potential jobs they may be interested in based on their "dream job" criteria, as well as an infinite scrolling list of available right-fit opportunities.


Search by Region – This innovative new dashboard tool lets students pinpoint specific regions where they’d like to search for jobs and then uses an engaging map to display where job openings are located.


Scorecard – This revamped feature further gamifies the career development process using highly visual targets to help students see progress when they complete tasks such as uploading their resume, completing profile information, attending workshops, or signing up for mock interviews.


Event Calendar – This organizational tool is revamped to help students stay organized with an intuitive view of all activities on your career center's calendar or just their own scheduled activities. Filter by types of events or search by keyword.


Custom Branding – Individualized school branding helps your students recognize that this is your school platform. Customize the platform with your own logos, colors and terminology to ensure you get the credit you deserve when students find their dream job.



Plus many other features including:

  • Revamped Career Tracker so students can quickly manage tasks, contacts, companies and jobs
  • Redesigned Offer Comparison Tool so students can compare how their job offers compare to others
  • New search forms, redesigned to be faster and easier to fill out with auto-fill
  • And much more! 


For more information on the GradLeaders Career Center platform and the new mobile-first student portal, contact us today.



Ryan Pratt

Ryan Pratt is the Vice President of Marketing and Research at GradLeaders. During his 10+ years at GradLeaders, he's provided best practices and data insights to career centers and campus recruiters to help them simplify processes so they can spend more time doing what they love about their job.

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