Regional ACE Webinar: Move Over Millennials, Gen Z is the New Emerging Professional

Media has never covered a generation as much as they cover Millennials. But Gen Z professionals are now emerging in the workplace and they are different from their Millennial peers. Find out what makes Gen Z tick, and where they are different than other generations in the workplace. Hear emerging trends and expectations that help define Gen Z’s college to career experience. This isn’t your standard generations presentation – get ready to experience the world through the eyes of a Gen Zer.

During this webinar we’ll talk a look at Gen Z behavior and what motivates students and employees in this population. We’ll share best practices regarding how to better communicate and understand Gen Z expectations at school and in the workplace, and we’ll cover how to best recruit them.

PRESENTER: Summer Shaffer

Summer Shaffer has a diverse background in training and development, marketing and non-profit leadership. She has worked with organizations both large and small to help transform their employee engagement and retention programs. Ms. Shaffer began her research of multi-generational workplaces and how generational differences impact the work environment over 18 years ago. Her work with organizations has helped teams better understand multigenerational work environments and transform their programming, organizational support structure and workplace solutions to better engage generational strengths while leveraging open conversations about generational sticking points.

Regional ACE webinars are designed specifically to meet the professional development needs of Regional ACE members, but participation is open to anyone who wishes to register.

GradLeaders is very pleased to have the privilege of supporting the Regional ACEs and providing this service to our professional community. On behalf of the four regional Associations of Colleges and Employers (Eastern, Midwest, Mountain Pacific and Southern), we encourage you to register for the upcoming Regional ACE Webinar – Powered by GradLeaders and MPACE:

WHAT: Move Over Millennials, Gen Z is the New Emerging Professional Presented by MPACE

WHEN: March 1st, 2017 12:00 PM/EST Regional ACE Webinar Cost: $59



Max Wartel

Max Wartel is GradLeaders’ Head of Research and Analysis and is heavily involved with administration and development of The Outcomes Survey – the national standard for gathering first destination outcomes data on recent college graduates. Max has a Master's Degree in Communication and is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. He is an active researcher on a variety of topics related to higher education and to communication.

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