Social networks impact on job-searches and recruiting


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Recently a few reports have surfaced with some interesting facts on social networks. These stats depict the importance of social media and how it will and is changing the world of job-hunting and recruiting:

  • Average ages of social media users Twitter 31, Facebook 33, LinkedIn 39, MySpace 26
  • 226 million job related searches on Google EACH MONTH
  • 2/3 of the global internet population use social networks today (just recently eclipsed email as the top activity online)
  • 300 million user profiles on FB (100 million new profiles in 6 months)
  • 45 million user profiles on LI (1 million new users in 12 days)
  • 200 million blogs on the internet (1 new blog every second)
  • YouTube is now the #2 search engine on the web behind Google (not Bing, Yahoo, AskJeeves)
  • 100 million videos viewed on YouTube every day (each person watches about 5 videos per month)
  • 11% of the US population uses Twitter (3 million "tweets" per day)
  • 100k+ employment websites on the internet



Ryan Pratt

Ryan Pratt is the Vice President of Marketing and Research at GradLeaders. During his 10+ years at GradLeaders, the network has grown to have now helped over 600,000 employers and 26,500,000 students from more than 1,000 schools around the world. Ryan graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

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