Speaker & Crowd Favorite Mark White Returns to 2018 GradLeaders Conference as Keynote Speaker

The team at GradLeaders is thrilled to announce the return of speaker Mark White at our 2018 Conference! This year, he’s bringing a fresh new outlook centered around new thinking for the new age. Join him for this engaging keynote presentation entitled “Thriving in Disruptive Times: Tips for Managing Hyper-Change.” In this presentation, Mark will address how quickly the world is accelerating today and give suggestions for how educators and employers can surf the 21st century waves of change. 

Participants will hear about the key areas of hyper-change including:

  • The explosive growth of knowledge
  • The pending impact of artificial intelligence on all parts of society
  • Societal shifts that will alter education and businesses
  • The Cope, Adjust, and Transform (CAT) model that can be used to thrive in hyper-change

You’ll walk away with proactive ideas for coping, adjusting and transforming while developing a mindset to help you stay ahead of the 21st century changes that will alter your environment for the rest of your life. When asked to summarize one important takeaway from his presentation Mark says, “We don’t have to fear the future; if we understand what is happening, we can embrace it and thrive.”

Mark is a renowned speaker, consultant and author with a proven record of success. He’s co-authored two award-winning books: What’s in Your Space and Leading Schools Through Disruptive Times, selected as a fall must-read by Learning Forward.

Previously, Mark served as the Director of Education and Outreach at Mindset Digital in Columbus, Ohio, the Academic Principal at the Beijing National Day School in Beijing, China, and the superintendent of the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools in Gahanna, Ohio. During his tenure as superintendent, the district earned the state’s highest academic ratings and implemented a wide variety of global skills and technology into its curriculum.

He was a member of the Dell Platinum Advisory Council, a select group of CEO’s who advised high level Dell officials on technology trends, and he was nominated to be a Summer Fellow at Vanderbilt University. During his thirty-six-year career, he has been a consultant to both the College Board and ACT and has served on two national education reform committees.

Attend his highly-anticipated keynote after you register for the Conference and get the chance to speak with him one-on-one.


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