The Best Jobs for Every Personality Type

Whether you’re a career development expert working with students to plan their futures, or an employer looking to hire right-fit talent, personality type is effective supplementary information. This blog post provides an overview of how people belonging to a specific personality type are likely to behave and suggests jobs they may be well suited for.

It’s important to note that this infographic was informed from a combination of sources, primary the well-known MBTI, based on the four psychological functions by which humans experience the world – sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking.

 Here’s an overview of the main traits:

  • Introverts often enjoy working alone or in small groups, prefer to focus on one individual task at-a-time and like a more deliberate pace.
  • Extroverts feel invigorated by people, work at a quick pace and prefer multitasking.
  • Sensors focus on facts and details and are rooted in reality. They apply common sense and experience to develop practical solutions to problems.
  • Intuitives like to focus on the big picture and possibilities. They value innovation, see patterns easily and use creativity to solve problems.
  • Thinkers use logical analysis to objectively weigh pros and cons and they value integrity, consistency and fairness.
  • Feelers tend to be sensitive and cooperative, using their personal values to gauge how others will be affected by their actions.
  • Judgers are usually prepared and organized, like to follow through with plans and are comfortable following most rules.
  • Perceivers typically keep their options open, prefer to act spontaneously, and make flexible plans. 


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Catie Ewen

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