The Luck of the Irish (And Everyone Else): A St. Patrick's Day Network Search



Whether you are donning green to avoid getting pinched, or downing a green pint with friends after work, St. Patrick's Day is famous for the good times we have connecting with people. Here at MBA Focus, we have a good time connecting the world's top employers with the world's top leadership talent. To celebrate the season, we present some interesting St. Patty's themed stats found from across our exclusive network:

  • 29 students and 75 alumni have the word 'lucky' listed in their resume.
  • 8 recruiters had the word 'Green' in their last name.
  • 103 students and 260 alumni are authorized to work in Ireland... some people have all the luck!
  • 2 companies listed 'charm' in their job posting description.
  • 33 students and 66 alumni have the word 'emerald' listed in their resumes.
  • 18 recruiters in our network have a last name that beings with "O'…".
  • 8 job descriptions contained the word 'beer', although we assume it's not green.
  • 4,334 students and 6,986 alumni express a geographic preference of Ireland in their profiles.
  • 7 students and 33 alumni have the word 'shamrock' listed in their resume.
  • 9 companies have the word 'gold' listed in their job description, however we couldn't determine whether or not they keep it in a pot.
  • 25 students and 75 alumni have the word 'rainbow' listed in their resume.
  • 13 companies listed a job location in Ireland.
  • 414 students and 1,066 alumni have the word 'saint' listed in their resume.
  • And finally 37 companies have the word 'green' in their job description.

From all of us at MBA Focus, Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Has MBA Focus charmed your school or company? Tell us about it here.



Lauren Kleban

Lauren joined MBA Focus in the summer of 2013, to help plan, produce, and implement both industry and product-related communications. Primarily responsible for copywriting, Lauren creates consistent and strategic messaging throughout marketing and sales material. By applying creative marketing concepts, she helps MBA Focus to build and maintain its brand, while promoting its exclusive network, recruitment technology, and career management tools. Lauren graduated from The Ohio State University in 2013, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.

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