Streamline Campus Recruitment by Thinking Like a Sales Rep

Do you find yourself posting a job then hoping for right-fit candidates to seek out your opportunity? There’s a better way to hire!

“Post-and-pray” may have worked in the past, but the recruiting landscape is changing rapidly and to succeed, you must streamline your process by being more proactive. Job candidates today operate more like consumers, picking and choosing jobs like they shop for cars. If you want to see results, start treating job seekers as a salesperson would treat a prospect making a big purchase. This guide will walk you through six steps to help you look at hiring the same way marketing and sales teams manage their sales funnel—to successfully recruit the best candidate for the job.


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Catie Ewen

Catie Ewen joined the GradLeaders team to create strategic, industry-related marketing and sales materials. Primarily responsible for content and digital marketing efforts, Catie helps GradLeaders build and maintain its brand, while promoting its exclusive network, recruitment technology, and career management tools. Catie graduated from Miami University in 2014, with dual degrees in both Journalism and Mass Communications.

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