Tips for Virtual Recruiting during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

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Has the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affected your company, recruitment, and hiring processes yet? We are mindful of the challenges this unique situation is placing on schools and employers and understand that you will need to devote substantial time and effort to navigating these uncharted waters. As travels bans and restrictions increase, we are working closely with our partners to develop best practices and new ways to connect with students virtually. Here are a few solutions to challenges you might be facing:

Are you working remotely with travel restrictions?

GradLeaders Recruiting can be used anywhere. Each user is able to login on 3 devices so you can use it at home, on an iPad, and at the office.

Not able to attend Spring career fairs?

GradLeaders Recruiting can help you virtually connect with students and find right-fit candidates who are still seeking full-time jobs and internships. Just use the advanced search features to target specific schools, geographic regions, or (better yet) skills and experiences required for your job openings. Utilize templates to quickly send employment branding emails, meeting requests, virtual interview invites, and other messages right from the system.

Not bringing candidates in for face-to-face interviews?

Start your conversations virtually within GradLeaders Recruiting then utilize phone, email and other virtual meeting tools as candidates move through your talent pipeline. Export contact info and resumes to external recruitment marketing tools, CRMs and ATS platforms. And by sourcing only right-fit talent via our advanced search tools, you can be sure you’re not wasting time reviewing bad resumes or interviewing wrong-fit candidates.

Missing out on Spring expos, tradeshows, conference and other industry networking opportunities?

Although we too were forced to cancel our Connections 2020 Conference, we still plan on hosting smaller regional events throughout the year. Please be on the lookout for future Focus Forum details as well as the Save the Date for Connections 2021.   As we further develop quality programming and virtual networking opportunities, we will be in communication. 


Need more help? Download our Virtual Recruiting Best Practices Guide.

Have additional suggestions? Regardless of your current tech stack, our goal is to share best practice information across all channels. If you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Please share any changes you have made to adapt to a more virtual approach.  



Ryan Pratt

14 Years of Campus Recruitment, Experiential Learning and Career Services Industry Experience

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