How to Quickly Find Key Career Center Metrics

Our Metrics Dashboard provides career service office staff and admin users easy access to advanced visualizations of key data points within your school’s GradLeaders Career Center platform. The standard information found on the Metrics tab includes Student/Candidate Activity, Coaching Activity, Employer Engagement, Job Posting Activity, Outcomes Employment Reporting, and more.

These metrics can be viewed in a variety of ways, and both the data and visualizations within can be exported as both raw data (CSV and Excel formats) or in a presentable PDF.

To find the Metrics tab, click on "Metrics" located on the far right of the menu.

On the Metrics Dashboard, GradLeaders has designed standard widgets with useful metrics for tracking key activity in your system.  Each section can be filtered to display data based on criteria you select, as demonstrated below:

In addition, the data displayed includes "Drills" to see more detailed information.  For example, in the Student Activity section, clicking on the "Login by Date" chart will display each student who logged in on the specific date selected.

Information from the Metrics Dashboard can also be exported either into CSV files for raw data, or presentation quality PDF files.  To learn how, view the video below:

The newest widget at the top of the Metrics Dashboard displays email analytics data.  This widget displays data for all email communication in the system. Now you can see how many of your emails have been opened, how many have been delivered, and details on how many were non-deliverable.   If you’ve included attachments or links in the emails, you can even view the statistics on how many recipients have clicked through those items.


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