Top 10 biggest challenges for MBA career service offices in 2013


MBA Focus recruiting and career services tips for 2013


Business schools, employers, and analysts are all predicting an uptick in MBA recruiting in 2013 -- and the class of 2013 MBA students are hoping they're right. But the career service offices at the world's top graduate business schools still face some major challenges next year -- even when the MBA job market picks up.

Despite technological innovations and creative new recruitment techniques, many MBA career service offices still lack simple solutions to the following issues:

  1. Expanding the employer network to startups, nonprofits, and other companies that don't traditionally recruit on campus.
  2. Gathering employment data from students in a timely fashion for employment reporting.
  3. Helping candidates compare offers among peers with relative data.
  4. Managing multiple OCR calendars for hundreds of candidates across multiple devices.
  5. Integrating with social networks while maintaining control of the recruitment process.
  6. Getting in touch with the new class of students and increasing interactions with graduating students.
  7. Finding just-in-time jobs for candidates still seeking while dealing with late offers, rescinded offers, and delayed start dates.
  8. Creating and delivering useful resume workshops & interview coaching opportunities
  9. Maintaining relationships with graduates and job-seeking alumni
  10. Training new staff members and increasing office efficiency

In the coming year MBA Focus will tackle these challenges (plus others) with new product features and attempt to alleviate these pains by sharing best practices from our exclusive school network. If you'd like to sign up for these monthly tips based on 100+ collective years of experience in MBA recruitment please click here and select the "Best Practice Tips for Schools" email subscription.



Dave Hoy

Dave, Business Intelligence Specialist, is a co-founder and minority shareholder of GradLeaders. Dave has been immersed in the MBA recruiting business since 1990, and helped pioneer the first MBA resume database products that were distributed to recruiters. Dave graduated magna cum laude from Franklin University with a major in computer management.

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