Top 10 things we learned at MBA CSEA in Asia


This year’s MBA CSEA Asian Conference was one their best events yet. As one of the only formal gatherings of career services professionals and employers in Asia, it is an invaluable experience for networking and learning. This year’s topics included the MBA recruiting landscape in Asia, as well as unique ways for career service offices to reach employers. But we learned so much more than that.

Here are ten takeaways from this year’s event:

  1. On average, an APAC recruiter visits 10 campuses per year
  2. In general, Asia Pacific students have more of an interest in exploring global opportunities (including US & Europe)
  3. The right attitude is the #1 quality preferred in a candidate (over skills and experience)
  4. 33% of recruiters plan to place new hires in jobs outside the recruiters' home region
  5. The top 3 reasons for hiring in the Asia-Pacific region are: New talent (78%); Geographic expansion (38%); and to launch new products and services (34%)
  6. The top 5 industries placing graduates internationally are: Technology (45%); Manufacturing (42%); Health Care (41%); Consulting (37%); and Finance (31%)
  7. The top 2 draws for APAC recruiters to visit your campus are: Quality of students (55%) and Reputation of School (38%)
  8. 41% of APAC firms recruit on-campus
  9. The average time a recruiter spends reviewing a resume is 6 seconds
  10. 54% of APAC employers are expecting to hire an MBA in 2014; 48% to hire MiM; 33% to hire MAcc; and 35% to hire MFin

Sources: MBA CSEA and GMAC

Do you have some of these students outside of the traditional MBA program who you are having issues placing into global opportunities? Interested in learning more about APAC recruiting or how your career service office can improve its global employment outcomes? Check out for more information.



Heather Krumpak

Heather, Vice President, Customer Success – Higher Education, is a co-founder and minority shareholder of GradLeaders. She is responsible for all school partnerships and oversees the delivery of services to each of these school partners. Heather is also responsible for the company's continuing development of the alumni services division. Heather is a graduate of Ohio University with a major in communications.

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