Top 10 TV Shows for Job-Seeking Students

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If you’re a job seeking student or graduate who’s stuck at home, here’s the top ten television shows you should be watching to prepare you for the real world. These ten shows portray potential problems in the workplace and the secrets to successful people. The takeaways these shows provide can be applied anywhere, from preparing for your first job interview to working at corporate headquarters. The following TV shows will provide you with valuable insights while making you laugh a little along the way.  

  1. The Job Interview-This series dives into the world where the clothes you wear, the things you say and the look on your face can mean the difference between success and failure. Each episode takes viewers into the interview room where an employer conducts interviews with candidates and only one receives an offer. If you’re looking for a few interview tips and tricks this is the perfect show for you.  
  2. The Employables- This docuseries follows people with disabilities such as autism or Tourette's as they pursue meaningful employment. These job seekers struggle to show employers how their disabilities can provide unexpected benefits. This show celebrates diversity and gives a voice to those who overcome setbacks and continue to fearlessly pursue their dreams.
  3. Shark Tank-This reality television show features a group of potential investors who listen to pitches from entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for funding for their business, product or service. This show is a great reminder that you'll hear “no” a million times before any doors start to open. This show can also inspire and motivate viewers to pursue their dreams as well. 
  4. The Great Indoors- This sitcom features a veteran adventure reporter who suddenly finds himself working as the boss of young tech-savvy individuals. He’s forced to adapt to the times as they turn their print magazine into an online publication. The Great Indoors is relatable to today’s workplace situation where everyone is forced to work from home and struggling to operate in a virtual world.
  5. Girls-This comedy-drama demonstrates how life after college isn’t always what you expect. As you follow the disasters and triumphs of four girls in their twenties, you’ll see just how relatable this show is and hopefully, you’ll feel less alone in the struggles you may be facing. 
  6. Workaholics- This sitcom follows three recent college grads who refuse to adapt to the real world. Although they work together as telemarketers from 9 to 5, the rest of their time is spent partying. This show is perfect for any students who aren’t quite ready to leave their college days behind.
  7. Billions- This drama series is about the power politics in the world of New York finance.Two powerful New Yorkers use their power and intelligence to outsmart the other with billions at stake. This show is filled with insights on business, finance, and leadership and is the perfect show for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.  
  8. Silicon Valley-This comedy tells the story of a group of young software programmers who are trying to succeed in Silicon Valley. This hilarious series shows the struggle of a startup company and provides key take-aways such as embracing your mistakes while continuing to work toward your goals.  
  9. House of Cards- This American political thriller follows a congressman seeking revenge on those who betrayed him. This show highlights the lengths that people will go to attain power. It’s a good lesson to always treat your subordinates with respect and is the perfect show for any aspiring business or political students. 
  10. The Morning Show-This drama television series follows the fall of a morning newscast after a scandal is brought to light. The main newscasters attempt to show the truth after a sexual misconduct case was covered up by corporate leaders. This show portrays the imbalance of power in the corporate world and gender inequality issues in the workplace. 

Did we forget any? If so, add them in the comments below! 


Emily Mowry

GradLeaders Class of 2020-21 Intern studying Journalism and Marketing at Ohio University

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