Top Ten Movies for Job Seeking Students

Movies for Students COVID-19

If you’re a job seeking student who’s stuck at home, here’s the top ten movies you should watch to get you in the right mindset. These ten movies will make you laugh or cry while inspiring and motivating you. They contain valuable lessons that can help you succeed when pursuing your career goals and professional dreams.  

  1. The Intern- This comedy follows an unsatisfied 70-year-old retiree who becomes the senior intern for an online fashion site. As he works for a young and driven workaholic, he provides support and wisdom as she teaches him the ways of the modern workplace. This movie proves the value of having diversity in the workplace. You can learn a lot from someone who’s different than you. 
  2. The Devil Wears Prada- This comedy-drama film follows an aspiring journalist as she moves to New York City and lands what some would consider a dream job; working for the world’s premier fashion magazine. She quickly learns that her boss is a demanding perfectionist with extremely high standards. This movie is a reminder to put yourself first and to find a job that makes you happy. Just because a job seems great to everyone else, doesn’t mean it's great for you.  
  3. Legally Blonde- This comedy features a sorority diva who enrolls in Harvard to impress her ex-boyfriend. She learns that law school is more work than she bargained for but refuses to give up. She discovers her worth and learns that there’s more to her than just her looks. This movie is a good reminder that you’re the only one who can determine your worth and you can do whatever you set your mind to.
  4. Anchorman: The Legend of John Burgundy- This comedy may not seem like the typical workplace movie, but it’s a reminder that women in the workplace were once seen as less important than men. This movie features a newsman in the male-dominated broadcasting world of the 1970s until a female co-anchor is hired and things start to change. This dramatic movie highlights the issue of gender inequality and serves as a reminder that companies must continue to strive toward equality in the workplace. 
  5. Yes Man!- This comedy follows a bank employee who was at a standstill in life until one day he enrolled in a personal development program. He was instructed to start saying yes to the opportunities in his life but misunderstands the concept and takes it quite literally. As he begins saying yes more, he starts seeing a positive change in his life. This comical movie provides great insight on how to change your mindset to attract success and new opportunities in your life. 
  6. Up in the Air-This comedy follows a corporate downsizing specialist who lives out of a suitcase while traveling around the country to fire people. This movie dives into relevant workplace issues such as maintaining face-to-face communication in a digitalized world and the lack of empathy companies have for their employees and their personal lives.  
  7. Apollo 13-You may be wondering what a historical astronaut movie has to do with starting your first job. Apollo 13 is a great leadership movie that shows how clear communication, creative thinking and problem-solving skills can solve even the worst of crisis’. This movie proves that no matter where your ‘office’ is, team collaboration is vital to overall workplace success.  
  8. The Social Network- This biography is based on how Facebook came to exist. This movie is a fascinating look at how a business has evolved from a small operation in a dorm room to the multibillion-dollar company that it is today. The Social Network is perfect to motivate anyone with a small idea to continue their dreams because it can turn out to be a bigger success than you ever thought possible. 
  9. The Pursuit of Happyness-This biography follows a single father who strives to create a better life for his son. He goes through challenge after challenge and just when you think it can’t get any worse, somehow it does, but he never gives up or loses sight of his goals. This inspiring movie can serve as motivation to anyone who has their eye set on a certain career goal.   
  10. The Theory of Everything- This biography is the story of the most brilliant physicist of our time, Stephen Hawking. As we catch a glimpse of his life, we learn that little was expected of him when he was diagnosed with a fatal illness at 21 years old and given two years to live. Against all odds he broke grounds in the fields of science and medicine and achieved more than anyone ever thought possible. This movie is an inspiration that proves that the roadblocks in front of you don’t need to limit you or hold you back, anything is possible when you have the motivation and determination inside of you. 

Did we forget any? If so, add them in the comments below! 


Emily Mowry

GradLeaders Class of 2020-21 Intern studying Journalism and Marketing at Ohio University

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