What Are Your Interns Saying About Your Company?

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What are your interns saying about you?

  • “Structured” vs “Confusing”
  • “Cutting-edge” vs “Lots of paper”
  • “Learned so much” vs “Mostly busy work”
  • “Would love to work there!” vs “Don’t bother…”

When your interns head back to school, they will be talking about their internship experience. Make sure you are delivering a structured, cutting-edge experience that helps create happy, productive, long-term employees.

Streamline your company's internship program and maximize ROI with our comprehensive mobile platform. Our single, end-to-end solution is proven to:

  • Increase your efficiency
  • Maximize intern productivity
  • Improve intern and mentor satisfaction
  • Enhance your company’s talent pipeline with a vibrant ecosystem that reflects your employer brand and demonstrates your company’s commitment to innovation

How? The Intern Management System is a one-stop shop that empowers you to automate every aspect of your program – from onboarding and daily task lists to professional development, communication, reporting, and much, much more.

Let us help you simplify the management of your internship program, automate processes, and develop a world-class intern experience with the Intern Management System powered by GradLeaders.


Ryan Pratt

14 Years of Campus Recruitment, Experiential Learning and Career Services Industry Experience

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