16 Biggest Challenges Every Career Center Faces Today



Did you know that 67% of career centers struggle with student engagement?

It’s the #1 challenge career centers face today. We recently surveyed 236 career centers around the world about their current challenges, the career development tools they’re using today, and the various student populations they serve. On average, only 22% of the total student population at these schools engaged with their career center in the past year. And even though 100% of the career centers surveyed were using a career services management platform, 11% didn’t have easy access to key metrics to be able to report this data. Despite these challenges, career center budgets continue to get slashed with 54% reporting that there is not enough time, money, people or resources available to them. 

Other interesting facts:

  • 9% of schools are no longer hosting career fairs on campus
  • 74% of career centers are utilizing online assessments as part of the career development process
  • 44% of career centers struggle with students’ unrealistic expectations
  • 48% need help collecting employment outcomes data from graduates
  • 19% of career centers report issues managing co-op and experiential learning workflow processes

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