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Here are just a few of the things that the employers in our network are saying about our recruitment technology and industry events:

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“When we decided to use GradLeaders, it was at a time when we were very behind in our recruitment cycle for MBAs and needed a solution to give us access to a wide pool of candidates in a short timeframe. 

We never expected the success that we had in such a short timeframe after utilizing the tool! Not only did we attract a robust, diverse candidate slate for our rotational program, but are now able to be extremely proactive by reaching a targeted audience with the click of a button! We have been able to develop relationships with schools, students and alumni practically overnight, and continue to find additional benefits each time we use the product. This has been a game changer for our recruitment efforts of top MBAs that we would not have this level of access to otherwise.”

Jennifer M. Nyiri
Integrated Talent Management


“As I began my career as a recruiter with Eaton this year, I was working under a tight time frame of 3 months to hire 7 perfect-fit candidates. I thought it was impossible,  however, with GradLeaders Recruiting, I simply input the criteria I was looking for and let the software do the rest! I was able to accomplish this task as a brand new Eaton recruiting team member, and I’m excited to continue using this tool.”

— Althea Foxx
University Relations - Campus Manager


"The networking opportunities with schools and partners were super helpful, especially paired with best practice use case discussions. Everyone was incredibly engaged throughout the entire event, including the GradLeaders team who went above and beyond. It’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to.”

-Dakotah Taylor,
Senior Recruiter


“Cognizant was able to significantly increase the number of students we were hiring using GradLeaders Recruiting.”

-Matt Curry
Manager-Campus Recruitment

PG&E Corp

"Prior to GradLeaders, we literally had hundreds of paper resumes to sort through. After signing up with GradLeaders, we have less resume paper resumes and are able to find resumes tailored to our needs. They have made our lives during the recruiting season much more productive! Since we can do quick searches and all the resumes are in one place, we can find qualified candidates faster and efficiently! Not only is it better for the earth because it reduces our need for paper resumes, but it is more seamless!"

Denise Mooney
Manager, MBA Leadership Program

Coca Cola MBA

“When I came to the Coca-Cola Company, I made sure that the first tool our sourcing organization knew about was GradLeaders. At my previous employer, we had saved thousands of dollars on search fees, and found great people, by sourcing through GradLeaders."

Chris Aisenbrey
Group Director of Talent Management & Leadership Development

Starbucks MBA

"I am having some good resumes come my way from the postings I set up a couple weeks ago. Working my way through those and starting to have some conversations."

Tish Wurl
Recruiter, Talent Engagement

Ernst & Young MBA

"Using GradLeaders has allowed me to connect with very talented candidates who I may never have met using other tools/channels. We've recently hired two terrific individuals and we know they will make a difference in our business."

Maria Scavetta
Executive Recruiter

"Something that I've always valued about GradLeaders is how much I can filter the criteria I'm looking for. The filters give you a place to start, fine-tune, and see what happens. It worked extremely well for veterans hiring which is a huge initiative for Liberty Mutual. Being able to text mine or use keywords for a specific population is truly a game-changer. We've been able to be more active with the veteran population by proactively searching and communicating with them."

— Cherie Hurtubise
Manager, Graduate Campus Recruiting


“About 50% of our candidates are sourced from GradLeaders and we’re identifying new sources of talent from non-core schools right within the system.”

— Rachel Ligman
Manager-North American University Relations

“We find that GradLeaders helps us recruit at non-core schools so we can proactively search for students and connect. Through GradLeaders Recruiting, we’re able to find highly-qualified students who we haven’t had the chance to meet on campus and who aren’t aware of all of the different opportunities we have to offer!”


— Katie Goldich
Vice President,
Head of US Wealth Management Campus Recruiting


“The GradLeaders Connections Conference is a great event that always rings true to its name! I was pleased with the productive discussions I was able to be part of—both formally and informally—and felt the agenda allowed more time for informal networking than some other events I've attended, which for me added a lot of value.”

Amy Wilson
Director, Leadership Development Programs

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