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Here are just a few of the things that the employers in our network are saying about our recruitment technology and industry events:

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“About 50% of our candidates are sourced from GradLeaders and we’re identifying new sources of talent from non-core schools right within the system.”

— Rachel Ligman
Manager-North American University Relations

First National Bank

"The networking opportunities with schools and partners were super helpful, especially paired with best practice use case discussions. Everyone was incredibly engaged throughout the entire event, including the GradLeaders team who went above and beyond. It’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to.”

-Dakotah Taylor,
Senior Recruiter

JP Morgan

“We find that GradLeaders helps us recruit at non-core schools so we can proactively search for students and connect. Through GradLeaders Recruiting, we’re able to find highly-qualified students who we haven’t had the chance to meet on campus and who aren’t aware of all of the different opportunities we have to offer!”

Envista Careers 

“With GradLeaders you’re able to target specific talent! Whether you’re looking for specific years of experience, industry preference, or people only located in specific geographic areas, GradLeaders can help. Being able to target the ideal background we’re looking for has been really helpful. Another thing I’ve noticed about GradLeaders is they actually have a relationship aspect. I’ve used other software companies but there really wasn’t the customer relationship management team that GradLeaders has. They really know who you are as an individual and as a company and they’ve been really helpful along the way. They’re constantly doing new innovative things and I’ve been really impressed.”

— Sean Strachan
The Global University Talent & Programs Manager



“As I began my career as a recruiter with Eaton this year, I was working under a tight time frame of 3 months to hire 7 perfect-fit candidates. I thought it was impossible,  however, with GradLeaders Recruiting, I simply input the criteria I was looking for and let the software do the rest! I was able to accomplish this task as a brand new Eaton recruiting team member, and I’m excited to continue using this tool.”

— Althea Foxx
University Relations - Campus Manager

Blue California


“GradLeaders data is unmatched. The job-seeking student demographic data shows me exactly where I need to be recruiting for health care talent – plus the ethnic demographics are very important for my university recruitment goals. I’m responsible for increasing the Latin and Black population at Blue Shield so I’m able to see where the gaps are, where I should be recruiting, and how I can improve those numbers.”

— Ramon Rossman
The University Recruiter

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