GradLeaders amplifies your existing career service processes.


With Our GradLeaders Career Center Technology

Each of our technology integrations were created to help our school and association partners improve the career services and student recruitment process.


Salesforce Integration


The Salesforce integration feature allows you to transfer contact information and profile data to and from your Salesforce and GradLeaders systems. With real-time updates, this integration increases the efficiency of your career service office while keeping your data as up-to-date as possible.


Office 365/Exchange/Google Calendar Integration


Our calendar integration utility allows GradLeaders users (both admins and candidates) to automatically push advising appointments, interviews, OCR events, etc to their personal Exchange, Google and/or Office 365 calendars.


LinkedIn Integration


The LinkedIn integration feature gives your students and alumni the ability to quickly and easily connect their GradLeaders candidate profile to their LinkedIn profile with the click of a button. Once verified, career coaches and advisors are able to review each candidate’s LinkedIn profile alongside his/her resume directly within the GradLeaders Career Center platform.

The power of two service providers. Our strategic partnerships were created for you!

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