Centralize and streamline all of your career service activities with our cloud-based software solutions for schools and professional associations.


Manage the entire career service and student recruitment process with the same GradLeaders Career Center platform used by more than 1,000 career centers at universities, business schools and professional associations around the world. Designed and built specifically for the student recruitment process, GradLeaders is the only career service office software provider with a promise to deliver more of what’s important to you and your career management center.

How? Our best-in-class customer service team is an extension of your office, proven to help schools of every size increase their students’ visibility to employers, improve office efficiency, and increase student engagement.

Benefits of the GradLeaders Career Center Platform


Save Time + Money while Increasing Efficiency

Improve Employment Outcomes

Increase Student Engagement

Features of the GradLeaders Career Center Platform


A Single, Fully Integrated Platform to Handle all of Your Office Needs


Intuitive, Self-Serve Employer Interface

Customizable Dashboard with School + Logo

Responsive Mobile Design for On-the-Go Career Management

Easy 1,2,3 Registration Process for Students

Scheduling & Calendar Tools Designed Specifically for the Career Service Process


One-Click Employment Reporting and First-Destination Survey Collection Tools

LinkedIn Integration for Simplified Resume/Social Media Reviews

Automated Student Check-In via Swipe Card Technology

Custom Resume Books to Target Employers with Specific Candidates


Employer/Recruiter Contact Information & CRM Tools

Offer Comparison Tools to Analyze Compensation Data

Communication Preferences for Candidates

Proprietary JobMatch™ Algorithms

Advanced Reporting, Data Management, and Metrics Visualization Solutions

Industry-Leading Co-Op/Internship Module and Experiential Learning Management Software (ELMS)


When you invest in the GradLeaders Career Center Platform you become one of our valued school partners. Our partners have access to:


Connect with top employers around the world, including Google, Johnson & Johnson, Comcast NBC/Universal, BCG, Amazon, JP Morgan, T-Mobile, Bank of America, Walmart and more. 100 of the world the world’s top 100 employers use the GradLeaders platform.

Take advantage of special multi-year subscription offers from the most credible and reliable career services technology provider in the industry. With proven data integrity and security, 20+ years of industry experience, and world-class performance and up-time, our school partner retention rate is no surprise.

Reach out to our dedicated Customer Support and knowledgeable Customer Success Teams for best practices and responsive, reliable phone support.

Attend our annual conferences where professionals from leading schools and employers around the world connect to network, share best practices, and discuss industry trends.


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