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GradLeaders Research solutions have been designed to deliver outcomes data in a manner that meets the institutional needs of U.S. colleges and universities while creating a national standard for first destination outcomes data-gathering. How? Outcomes data is collected primarily via an online survey, administered to all graduates immediately prior to graduation and updated at multiple intervals after graduation for a period of up to one year.

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The Outcomes Survey for New Graduates

This turn-key first destination survey system used by U.S. colleges and universities to collect career outcomes data on their graduates that can be used for accreditation, admissions recruiting, career advising and federal reporting.

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The Outcomes Survey for Alumni

The Alumni Current Occupation Survey is designed to help colleges tell the rest of their graduates’ career outcomes story: what they do with their degrees after graduation, how they advanced in their careers, and how their personal and professional career motivations evolved.

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Marketplace Analytics Reports

The student recruitment and career service industry’s most comprehensive reports on the employers and job-seeking candidates around the world.

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Employment Outcomes Index

A monthly barometer of employment market dynamics for the college educated and current trends in college recruiting based on job postings and search activity data in the GradLeaders system.

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GradLeaders is the only place to find the most up-to-date data on student recruiting. How? We partner directly with the schools and offer the only solution with response rates as high as 100% when institutions fully engage with The Outcomes Survey® and its response generation tools and resources.


Analytics Reporting

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 Employer Analytics Reports

Job-Seeker Analytics Reports

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The Outcomes Survey®

The National Standard for gathering valid and reliable college graduate career outcomes data.

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Admin Interface

Standardized Data Collector

Reporting Tools

Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

Nationally Standardized Question Set

Campus-specific Questions

Mass Email and Analytics Tools

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 Employment Outcomes Index


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Job Function

Job Location

Job Industry

Skills & Abilities

Work Experience

Career Preferences

Annual Compensation

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