Top 10 Campus Recruiting Strategies Today & 19 Challenges for 2019


Did you know that 39% of campus recruiters struggle with receiving too many wrong-fit applications?

It’s the #1 challenge they face today. We recently surveyed 110 employers around the world about their current challenges, the campus recruitment tools they’re using today, the students they hire, and the various roles they fill. On average, those employers hire 40 students per year from 12 different schools. Yet only 54% thought that their on-campus recruiting efforts worked well today. And only 16% felt like they were successfully virtually recruiting from tier 2 and non-core schools. But 51% of recruiters chose their target schools just because they were local. And even though 100% of the employers surveyed were using recruitment technology as part of their hiring process, only 4% thought their current ROI reporting on recruiting effectiveness was useful. Despite these challenges, a majority of recruiters continue to use the same old recruiting methods and expect different results. 

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  • Compare your own recruitment team’s challenges to other employers
  • Uncover potential solutions to 6 of the top industry challenges
  • Discover the 7 most common hiring criteria and profile information used for sourcing right-fit talent

Other interesting facts:

  • 25% of employers no longer attend career fairs stating lack of ROI connecting with wrong-fit candidates
  • 26% struggle to find students with necessary hard skills
  • 11% frustrated with having to use multiple recruiting platforms
  • Only 11% of employers think their employment branding and recruitment marketing campaigns work today
  • 75% of employers only use university websites to assess which schools to recruit from
  • 55% manually track hiring progress and needs on spreadsheet, white board, pen and paper


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