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Who's Hiring Students Today?

Are you wondering what companies are still hiring intern, recent grad, entry-level, and executive talent direct from college campuses today? Here are thousands of employers with active postings across the GradLeaders school network. These companies are not only seeking current students and recent grads for full-time roles, but many have internships, co-ops, projects and other experiential learning opportunities available as well. Data is refreshed hourly..

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on Summer 2020 Student Internships and Hiring

GradLeaders wanted to know the impact on student internships and the hiring process. We reached out to schools, students, and employers with a brief survey to ask about their experiences and plans. We had 187 students and 189 schools respond to a nine-question survey and 139 employers respond to a 12-question survey. Here is what we found.

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Connections Virtual Webinar Series

On March 12, 2020, we made the difficult decision to cancel Connections 2020, scheduled for May 11-13th in Columbus, Ohio. As travels bans and restrictions increased, we followed the lead of our esteemed higher ed and employer partners’ efforts to reduce non-essential travel and "stay at home" in hopes of limiting coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) exposure. Instead, GradLeaders is hosting several virtual presentations on behalf of our employer and career center partners.

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Virtual Recruiting Tips

Finding best-fit candidates from your core and non-core schools without being on campus is simple with the right virtual recruitment tools. Plus, virtual tools enable you to seamlessly expand your pipeline with direct access to student clubs, professional associations and non-traditional talent pools. You can even reach hard-to-find experienced-hire talent by getting immediate access to job-seeking alumni.

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Virtual Career Services Tips

If you’re a career development professional working remotely or have students living off-campus, it’s still easy to stay connected and provide services with the aid of technology and a little creativity. Just utilize the tools you already have available to you.

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2020 Candidate Analytics Report: A Decade of Change

A lot can change in 10 years. We explored a decade of MBA candidate data to look at how demographics have changed. Here’s a small snapshot of that data, highlighting the attributes in each category that show the most significant change over time.

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Streamline Campus Recruitment by Thinking Like a Sales Rep

As the recruiting landscape changes, you must streamline your process to stay competitive. To land your next hire, try the same strategies used by seasoned sales professionals to close deals. This guide will walk you through six steps to help you look at hiring the same way marketing and sales teams manage their sales funnel, to successfully recruit the best candidate for the job.

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Modern Mediums for Engaging Students with Your Career Center

Did you know that 86% of incoming freshman say getting a better job is a huge determining factor in attending college, yet only about half take advantage of the resources their career services office provides?

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A Plan to Help You LAUNCH Your Career

It can be challenging to help students find a career path they’re passionate about and will succeed at, especially given the demands and complexities of the next-generation of students. Our LAUNCH Program, developed in conjunction with Dartmouth College’s Center for Professional Development, personalizes the career discovery experience and virtually guides students through the job search process.

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Creating a More Personalized Campus Recruitment Strategy Through the Utilization of Technology

Want to learn how new technologies, alongside traditional recruiting methods can supplement your existing processes and help you target the right person for the job?

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16 Biggest Challenges Every Career Center Faces Today

Did you know that 67% of career centers struggle with student engagement? It’s the #1 challenge career centers face today. We recently surveyed 236 career centers around the world about their current challenges, the career development tools they’re using today, and the various student populations they serve.

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Top 10 Campus Recruiting Strategies Today & 19 Biggest Challenges

Did you know that 39% of campus recruiters struggle with receiving too many wrong-fit applications? It’s the #1 challenge they face today. We recently surveyed 110 employers around the world about their current challenges, the campus recruitment tools they’re using today, the students they hire, and the various roles they fill.

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Best-in-Class Methods for First Destination Surveys

A collection of tips and best practice examples for collecting FDS outcomes data on campus and improve student/graduate response rates. We monitor response rates for all of our client survey cohorts, and one observation stands out across all surveys: The more at school engages in marketing The Outcomes Survey to its students and graduates, the high response rates it sees..

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Web Accessibility Matters

Nearly 20% of undergraduate students in the United States have a disability, yet 70% of major universities have poor web accessibility. At GradLeaders, we’re trying to remove barriers to using our application and reduce the risk of legal problems our partner schools may face by using technology that is not compliant.

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Delivering An Amazing Virtual Internship Experience

Our April 9th “Delivering an Amazing Virtual Internship Experience” webinar presented by Dr. Robert Shindell of Intern Bridge was highly attended and met with rave reviews. As a follow up to the live event, we wish to share the recorded session and other resources to assist you and your teams as you transition to a virtual internship model.

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Life After the Game: Career Development for Student Athletes

How do you reach student-athletes who aren't interested in "life after the game?" Why would coaches partner with the career development office? Do career development offices and athletic departments have shared interests? Learn how the OPCD collaborated with the Athletic Department resulted in recognition by the NCAA and ESPN. This robust collaboration now includes career development, faculty, coaches, athletic directors, and others. As a result of this partnership, nearly 100% of student-athletes have been reached.

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Understanding and Leveraging CliftonStrengths: A GradLeaders StrengthsFinder Webinar

Damian Zikakis of DZG Coaching shares information with you about Clifton StrengthsFinder and some of the benefits you will realize from knowing your Top 5 Strengths: Ideas for taking action to increase your engagement and satisfaction at work; Clarity and confidence that comes from understanding your unique combination of talents; A vocabulary to describe what you do best and the value you bring to your work and life.

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Chaos Theory of Careers

Chaos Theory of Careers (Pryor & Bright, 2011) provides a modern approach to career decision making and career development allowing professionals to better account for the reality individuals face today. Join us for an overview of the theory with examples of interventions and techniques for implementation.

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Delivering Career Development to a Diverse Student Population

Does your career center struggle to maintain consistent student engagement? Do you experience low student turnout at some of your employer events? Hawaii Pacific University's Career Development Center assessed the effectiveness of its career programming and discovered an opportunity to be more resourceful in how it supports students through their college-to-career transition. This presentation is designed to benefit employers and small, centralized career centers serving a wonderfully diverse student population.

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Women of Color Leading the Change in Career Services

What does it take for women of color to excel in the field of career services? Join us for an interactive conversation with key leaders who serve as Directors and Executive Directors at PWIs, HBCUs and MSIs. The panel of experts will discuss their career trajectories, challenges faced, professional development opportunities that aided in their success, and how to become a career activist, taking charge of your own professional growth within the field. This webinar will introduce newcomers to the conversation that began at the SoACE 2018 annual conference, along with new discussion topics for those who attended the workshop session in Atlanta.

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Embracing New Social Media at Career Centers

According to Snapchat, over 60% of American smartphone users ages 13-34 are Snapchatters. And it’s not just Snapchat - you know your students are all over social media, and it’s time to use these opportunities to make an impact and share your resources. Now you just need to really understand how to use apps like Snapchat and Instagram and get content inspiration. During this workshop, Emily Miethner, social media & millennial expert, adjunct professor, and CEO of, will go over social app features like how to shoot video, add Emojis and text, and get students to add you. In addition to learning how to create content on Snapchat and Instagram, we'll go over tools for Instagram stories and how you can use Snapchat geofilters to promote programs and engage students (which you can do without actually snapping). Our case study from our FindSpark Snapchat Geofilter graduation campaign, which received over 500,000 views, will cover design and promotion tactics to consider.

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New Career Opportunities for Liberal-Arts Graduates

On behalf of the four regional Associations of Colleges and Employers (Eastern, Midwest, Mountain Pacific and Southern), thank you for watching this Regional ACE Webinar – powered by GradLeaders. This webinar will highlight several clusters of new job opportunities for liberal-arts graduates, chiefly in tech-related sectors that need a humanist’s touch. Language majors can recast themselves as localization experts; anthropology majors are being welcomed as user-experience specialists, and so on. The presenter, George Anders, will summarize and extend the findings of his new book: “You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Power of a ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree."

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Diversity MBA Recruiting Infographic

GradLeaders surveyed employers on their diversity and specialized talent recruiting practices.

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Mobile Recruitment Infographic

This infographic summarizes a survey of 534 corporate recruiters about their mobile recruitment practices.

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What MBAs Want Infographic

This infographic highlights some interesting information regarding candidate preferences and experiences from our Candidate Analysis Report.

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The Search for Leadership Talent Infographic

This infographic highlights some interesting data from our annual Employer Demand Analysis Report about the searches and job postings in our recruitment network.

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An Unmatched Network for Matching Students + Employers

This infographic provides insight into the diverse qualifications and experiences of the job-seeking students in the GradLeaders Recruiting database, including their school location, major, job industry and function preferences, and more. 

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The World's #1 Student Recruitment Network

This infographic highlights the international experiences and preferences of the job-seeking students in the GradLeaders Recruiting database currently studying at schools around the globe, authorized to work in 259 regions around the world, with a wide variety of language abilities.

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Cost of Employer Relations

This infographic demonstrates the cost of employer relations for career centers with GradLeaders Career Center vs. without.

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Cost of Campus Recruiting

This infographic demonstrates the cost of student recruiting with GradLeaders Recruiting vs. without.

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National Career Outcomes Report

At Graduation Data

6 Month Data

Engagement with Job Search Resources Report

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Student Salary Summary

Get a glimpse into our insightful student salary data, collected via The Outcomes Survey® for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 class years. See how more than 31,000 students’ salaries with varying degree levels compare post-graduation so you can benchmark how your institution is performing or remain competitive when extending job offers to students.

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Median Salaries by Academic Major

Median Salary by Academic Major (at Graduation)

Not Your Typical MBA Infographic

This infographic addresses the evolving experiences and preferences of MBA candidates around the world.

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Seasonal Campus Recruiting Calendar

The Seasonal Recruiting Calendar highlights the seasonal tasks and timelines for employers, students, and career service personnel.

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The GradLeaders Recruitment Process Infographic

This infographic highlights how GradLeaders helps facilitate the ideal recruitment process.

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The GradLeaders Career Service Process Infographic

This infographic highlights how GradLeaders helps career service personnel optimize their process.

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MBA Candidate Analytics Report

The most comprehensive report on the career preferences of 1st-year and 2nd-year MBA students around the world.

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Working with Undocumented Students in Career Development

Throughout the past year, the undocumented student population has felt more scared and alienated than ever before. These students are consistently planning ahead for a future that seems ever-changing depending on their immigration and work status. Hear up-to-date information about recent DACA legislature and how this affects a company’s hiring procedures. Gain an understanding of the various career options available to undocumented students and how the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) has developed specialized programs to support their career development.

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Define Your Story, Define Your Destiny

“What do you do?” It’s one of the most common questions we’re asked. But few of us have a great answer. Too often, we respond with a job title and company name—which usually doesn’t reveal much. There is, however, a better option—and it’s based on understanding what people really want to know. In this session, personal branding and communication expert Anthony Juliano will talk about new ways of thinking of your story so that it cuts through the clutter, resonates with your audience, and allows you to accelerate your progress toward your goals. In addition, you'll learn how you can help students discover and tell their stories in ways that accelerate their progress toward their goals.

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Graduate Employment Survey Best-Practices Webinar: An AICAD Panel on Using The Outcomes Survey®

Join us and a panel of Art and Design Institutions including ArtCenter College of Design, Columbus College of Art and Design, and Montserrat College of Art who will be sharing their experiences using The Outcomes Survey®, a first-destination employment survey solution; as well as…

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