30 years pioneering, innovating and customizing for diverse populations

GradLeaders is a Software-as-a-Service company based in Columbus, OH.  We’ve been operating in the early talent acquisition and career services space since the 1990s.  From the beginning,  GradLeaders’ north stars have included offering easily accessible support and the ability for clients to private label, customize and configure our software to their specific brand, workflow, and reporting requirements.

Our historic target markets have been higher education institutions and employers seeking candidates with college or MBA degrees.  Today, GradLeaders has expanded its reach to include school districts, workforce development agencies, the military, industry associations, diversity organizations, coding academies and employers seeking to fill “New Collar” economy positions. 

Our cloud-based offerings include a business management platform created specifically for career services offices in the education and workforce development space; a talent acquisition platform for the recruiting departments of employers; virtual career fair/event software; and tools to manage experiential learning and internship programs.  We also offer platform-as-a-service to third parties in the HR tech, EdTech, and training tech spaces that want to offer their own software solutions. 

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