Navigating Your Early Career Journey with A.I.: a Roadmap to Achieving Professional Success

Introduction In today’s fast-paced job market, landing your dream job as an early career job seeker can seem like an overwhelming task. With the ever-evolving job landscape and increased competition, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Thankfully, there’s a powerful ally in your corner: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). In this blog post, we’ll explore how young job seekers aged 17 to 25 can effectively … Read more

Supercharge Your Talent Game with Intern Management System: Taking Your Talent Program to the Next Level

Introduction Hey there, in today’s ever-changing business world, finding top-notch talent is like uncovering a hidden gem. But here’s the twist – it’s not just about finding these gems; it’s about nurturing them into the powerhouse of your team. That’s where GradLeaders steps in. We get that finely-tuned talent programs are the secret sauce to building a rock-solid workforce. With our peerless Intern Management System, … Read more

10 Books Every College Graduate Should Read

The perfect time to read and improve yourself is Summer Break! By reflecting on your past year’s experiences, emotions, goals, as well as future plans, you can better prepare for a life of success. The following ten books are considered professional development and self-help books that many great leaders and successful individuals have read to transform their life. Take some time to understand your own tendencies and hear the advice of these highly successful people to learn, grow and live your best life.

How Can I Minimize the Impact of My Extended Unemployment to Get Back to Work?

Donna from DeVry University asks: “I have been unemployed for two years. What do I say to prospective employers about my unemployment time?” Thanks for your question, Donna.  The prevailing thought on this is that it is easier to land a job when you are already in a job.  I would agree that this is generally the case, probably because someone who is currently working … Read more

How to Calculate and Maximize the ROI of Your Internship Program

Internship programs are a great way for employers to find productive talent, evaluate potential employees, and gain new insights from diverse perspectives. There are obvious benefits. But have you ever thought about all the costs that go into those programs? Not just the hourly rate you pay that intern (and yes, you better be paying interns), but also the cost of their supervisor’s salary, their … Read more

Why you need to be hiring university talent – Guest Blog

As a corporate recruiting leader, I spent several years overseeing early talent recruiting programs for a large, global Fortune 500 company. With almost 3,000 annual intern, Co-op, undergraduate, and graduate hires, this was quite an undertaking. As I tried to understand our organization and how early talent hires could assist the company in reaching its business goals, something stood out. Some departments hired hundreds of … Read more

Interview with Christine Boucher, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Columbus Region Logistics Council

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Christine Boucher who serves as the Director of the Columbus Regional Logistics Council for the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Christine and I first met when she was the Business Partnership Coordinator for Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools and coordinated the Central Ohio Career Readiness Council. Since that time, Christine transitioned roles and has been working for the Columbus … Read more

Interview with Marla Meredith, Goodwill Industries of North Florida

Just over a year ago, GradLeaders launched a partnership with Goodwill Industries of North Florida, Inc (GWINFL) based in Jacksonville, Florida. At the time, one of their mission programs called the Mayor’s Youth at Work Partnership (MYAWP), sponsored by the Jacksonville Mayor’s office, was seeking a software solution to automate, streamline and measure many aspects of their youth career program. MYAWP provides eligible youth between … Read more

Best Practices to Keep Interns Warm Before Your Internship Starts

Congratulations on identifying and selecting your incoming interns! Like many employers competing for top student talent today, you may have extended offers to your interns months before your internship program begins. What you do between offer acceptance and Day One is critical to your interns’ overall experience, satisfaction, and engagement with your organization. However, maintaining engagement and the initial excitement can be a challenge throughout … Read more

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