Automate outcomes data collection and prove the value of the education you provide.

GradLeaders is the #1 provider of employment reporting, business intelligence, data analytics and automated institutional research solutions that help you track, prove and defend the value of the education you provide. Schools around the world use GradLeaders to increase knowledge rates and track career outcomes data on their new graduates and alumni.

Benefits of The Outcomes Survey® & Advanced Employment Reporting Tools

GradLeaders solutions have been designed to deliver outcomes data in a manner that meets the institutional needs of U.S. colleges and universities while creating a national standard for first-destination outcomes data-gathering. 

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Save time and money collecting usable outcomes data with automated online tools and best practices

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Prove the value of the education your institution provides with easy-to-use, one-click employment reports

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Ensure quality of data collection and reporting to respond to key stakeholders or publications

Features of The Outcomes Survey® & Advanced Employment Reporting Tools

Outcomes data is collected primarily via a mobile-friendly online survey, administered to all graduates immediately prior to graduation, and resent at multiple intervals after graduation for a period of up to one year. Our turnkey, stand-alone solution makes outcomes data collection and reporting easy.

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Easy-to-use 24/7 administrator tools for multiple user permission types 
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Automated email campaigns prior-to and post-graduation at proven intervals that yield high response rates
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Graduate/Alumni responses gathered via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device
Unique, secure survey links allow graduates/alumni to respond without signing in via username/password
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Step-by-step online survey collection process collects and saves the most important data first
Additional mass email, text SMS and response tracking resources to increase knowledge rates
At-a-glance metrics, one-click exports, and other canned reports for accessing and managing data collected
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IR-friendly reports, downloadable files, and data visualizations
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Multiple survey question sets including career outcomes, career search engagement, experiential learning, satisfaction and motivations
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Meets NACEMBA CSEAABANALPCIRRNCAA GSR plus other standards and addresses federal reporting priority
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Quickly submit reports for U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek and more
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View detailed survey responses and snapshot reports
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Best practice marketing resources to maximize response rates
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On-demand support resources, live chat in-app, and dedicated services available as needed
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Dedicated implementation manager makes it easy to get started

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