Benefits of our Experiential Learning Management Software

light blue graphic image o a clock and dollar signs representing increased efficiency
Save hours of time managing
experiential learning records and reduce paperwork
Save thousands of dollars
with an all-in-one solution
built specifically for experiential learning programs
dark blue graphic image of hand with thumb raised over three stars representing GradLeaders' exceptional customer service and support
Increase employer and student satisfaction by ensuring right fit experiences

Features of our Experiential Learning Management Software

View complete co-op/internship records including student profiles, activity data, co-op/internship status and insights into where students are applying

Grant students access to see what co-ops/internships to which they’ve applied and add new opportunities

Pre-assign primary and secondary co-op/internship managers to students

Help students electronically acquire all the signatures needed to participate in a co-op/internship program with pre-set workflow approval templates

Collect timely performance evaluations from employers based on semester milestones

Automatically remind students + employers when a survey deadline is approaching using email prompts and CareerTracker task assignments

View pending records that need to be reviewed right from the admin dashboard

Batch assign co-op/internship managers to expedite the scheduling process

Export data on co-op/internship students and share important reports with key stakeholders

I want to say thank you to GradLeaders for always listening to their schools including us here at Stout. I can always trust that my feedback, questions, and concerns are taken seriously by their team. I appreciate that they prioritize what their schools need, and they value collaboration with us and others as stakeholders. I always feel like they value what we value. The most recent July releases, particularly the updates to the evaluation section, has been amazing! I love that we can reset and resend evaluations ourselves. I also love that we can send an evaluation on demand or reset a survey so that we can manipulate the send dates as needed. The software, as built prior to the release, was sufficient and it was possible for us to do our jobs. However, these updates have made a great software system now exemplary and even more efficient. To say the least, this helps me immensely with my casework but also allows me to provide better customer service to our customers. So KUDOS to GLCC!! Thank you for valuing UW-Stout and your other university partners. Thank you for keeping collaboration, customer service, and integrity at the forefront of what you do. It’s seen and so appreciated!”

Kristine Meshak, Cooperative Education Assistant, Career Services, University of Wisconsin-Stout

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