A powerful partnership to revolutionize Career Management

More than just another job board, GradLeaders helps schools succeed. From student registration to employment reporting, GradLeaders offers a range of tools that can be used as a complete career center platform or as a secondary resource alongside your current career services technology to manage busy schedules, experiential learning programs and on-campus or virtual recruiting.

The strength and functionality of the GradLeaders platform is now powered by the next gen nSpire AI platform.

Theo is nSpire’s AI career coach available 24×7 that provides jobseekers with personalized
resume, pitch, and interview feedback and guidance

  • Tailor resumes personalized to job descriptions
  • Practice interviews, and get instant feedback on structure, content and delivery, personalized,
  • Craft a perfect pitch with Theo’s guidance
  • Maintain a professional journal with automatic resume updates
  • Comprehensively serve all students in their preparedness efforts
  • Enable career coaches to do high impact work
  • Get real-time student insights to identify skill gaps, and make informed decisions to boost
    placement rates