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GradLeaders’ new A.I. job board is cutting-edge technology that makes it easy for your job seekers to find more right-fit opportunities, uncover similar postings of interest, and quickly set up dream job notifications. Simply create an account, upload a resume/CV or just tell us what you're looking for and the A.I. will automatically discover right-fit career paths based on each job-seeker's unique background and preferences.


Job Feed

relevant to your job seekers
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AI JobMatch and Instant Access to Jobs



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“Since pivoting to GradLeaders’ A.I. JobMatch  in Fall 2022, our alumni job search engagement has soared. We are thrilled with these gains and look forward to continued progress as more of our alumni take advantage of our latest career solution. We encourage any career services offices seeking greater alumni or student engagement to reach out to GradLeaders about A.I. JobMatch.”

—  Marilyn Bury Rice, Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management, The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Inc

How Does It Work? Our A.I. Technology Is Nearly Magic

Every day our AI-powered big data tool automatically adds new jobs and internships to your white-labeled job board. These new postings as well as those from your own employers are automatically tagged with standardized search criteria such as job type, location, qualifications and company info. The job postings or internships are also enriched with skill taxonomies and industry data from more than 10 billion historical job postings, which powers the intelligent JobMatch results.


AI JobMatch and Instant Access to Jobs


Instant Access to More Jobs and Internships

GradLeader's all-new, cutting-edge job board offers career centers, schools, professional associations, and workforce development organizations immediate access to:

  • Millions of current jobs, internships and other opportunities around the country
  • The most up-to-date database of current openings new jobs are added every day of every week
  • Postings for every type of job seeker in various industries and locations from thousands of online sources
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the job market based on data from over 10 billion historical job postings
  • Options to customize your job board and only show jobs relevant to your unique job seekers
  • Tools that automatically scan and enhance your existing jobs posted directly to your career center
  • A mobile-friendly portal that makes it easy to search for right-fit jobs




A Better Way to Quickly Find Right-fit Career Paths

With GradLeaders job search functionality, job seekers can:

  • Instantly see right-fit jobs or internships based on their profile
  • Easily match a resume or CV to every online job available today
  • Select from 1-click suggestions for other right-fit jobs based on previous applications, views, and searches
  • View best-fit results with relevance scoring based on decades of data
  • Utilize semantic search that combines comprehensive knowledge of the market with language technology
  • Take advantage of A.I. technology that "understands" what is written in resumes/CVs and job postings that generates relevant results without any effort on their part


AI JobMatch and Instant Access to Jobs


“Amazing how many jobs were available! And it was super easy to tailor the search engine to find the job you want.”

— Sophia E, Senior, Ohio University



“I found internships in my hometown that I couldn't find anywhere else! Plus it taught me how to search for other relevant jobs I might be interested in."

— Aidan Q, Junior, University of Dayton


Robust and Customizable


Why GradLeaders? A Modern, Robust, Highly-Customizable Career Center Solution for Your Unique Needs

More than a job board, GradLeaders' white-labeled platform gives you all tools you need to better prepare your job seekers for the workforce and prove the value of services and education you provide. All types of career centers around the world have depended on GradLeaders to power their job boards, advising appointment schedules, employer relations CRM tracking, OCR events, co-op programs, and office automation needs. GradLeaders offers unmatched customization, functionality, analytics, and customer service. Let us help you create more meaningful connections between your job seekers and employers and give you complete control over the process, data and reporting.


Review the FAQ or contact us to learn more about the jobs and internships available or to schedule a quick demo of this A.I. JobMatch tool today: 

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