Take advantage of the same platform used by forward-thinking community colleges to serve the unique needs of their students and local employers



Why GradLeaders?

  • Manage everything from cooperative education and work-based learning to student employment, nano-degrees and transfers in a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Engage your students with a white-labeled, school-branded, all-device-friendly resource to guide them on the next phase of their journey
  • Offer your employers self-serve tools to post jobs only to your relevant students and simple online request forms to recruit on your campus

Our Partner Schools

Let us help you become more efficient, engage more employers, and ultimately help you guide your students to their dream jobs!


Career services software that fits your unique needs

GradLeaders modular platform allows you to pick-and-choose which features you need (and don’t need) so that the technology can mirror your existing career services processes. Customize user dashboards, student profiles, job posting forms, reports, events, and even system terminology to match your brand and unique needs.


Modern student and employer interfaces designed to work on any device 


School-branded, fully-customizable platform for single or multi-Campus Environments



End-to-end experiential learning management solutions with approval workflows



Closed network specifically for your employers and your students 


Flexible job board for local and/or national opportunities including full-time jobs, part-time jobs, internships, projects, etc.



Advanced CRM features including notes and activity tracking for students and employers



Text messaging, communication preferences and email marketing platform with analytics


Simple, do-it-yourself student/alumni mass upload and update Tools



Robust scheduling tools for career fairs, single company events, workshops, advising, mock interviews, and more 

Comprehensive activity calendars make it easy to find upcoming appointments, available event sign ups, and task due dates


Integrated career resource library with visibility settings for specific users and permission groups


Built-in outcomes data collection and one-click reporting tools


… Plus hundreds of other features, settings, configurations and customizations available



“GradLeaders’ representatives are very knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll investigate until they do. Our CRM goes above and beyond to help us achieve our goals."

— Jeffrey D. Craig, Coordinator of Career Planning and Placement, Career Services, Bristol Community College



Flexible, intuitive career office management software for community colleges

GradLeaders offers a powerful, easy-to-use solution built specifically for career centers at community colleges.  Our modular system ensures you only pay for what you need.



Basic Platform for Community Colleges

GradLeaders Career Center Standard Platform + Add-Ons

  Our simplified solution offers everything you need to get up-and-running in a few weeks with no help from your IT team. Upgrade to a more configurable solution and add additional modules for experiential learning, advanced reporting, single sign-on, and other integrations.
Admin Portal Out-of-the box setup and standard dashboards for all career center staff Highly configurable with specific permissions for different users
Student Portal and CRM Tools 1 school-branded portal with standard registration, resume templates, screen messages and email templates for every student Separate job-seeker portals and experiences available for different programs/colleges, campuses, class years, and alumni
Company/Recruiters Portal with Job Board Offer self-serve tools for employers to post jobs and sign up for events Manage all of your employers’ on- and off-campus recruitment activities in a single centralized system
Career Center Schedule Management Tools Offer sign-up tools to manage advising/coaching appointments, workshops and company events Utilize additional modules built specifically for on-campus interviews, mock interviews, and peer-to-peer advising with the option to automatically track attendance with student check-in tools
Surveys and Reports Integrated NACE First-Destination Survey plus access to the Metrics Dashboard and 1-click reports for key career service and campus recruitment activities Customized employment reporting and survey tools plus over 100 flexible system reports including available integration with business intelligence platform powered by Looker®



It’s easy to get started

Implementing GradLeaders is easy! Our module-by-module implementation plan and step-by-step schedule helps you learn how to use each piece of the system and customize as needed. IT teams are typically only needed if you’re interested in using APIs, single-sign-on (SSO) or calendar integration.


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